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If only it were real

I’ve talked to him over the internet for over 5 months now. He lives 2 hours aways and I thought I’d never meet him…until today.

I was just coming out of the art building when he walked up to me and asked who I was. I told him and he introduced himself. At first I did not believe him, but he said something in the introduction that told me it was him.

He said he had been waiting for this day for a long time. He took me Love Alley (a secluded, hangout corner on campus). There, he began to move his hands all over my body, starting at my face then slowly he worked his way down until his hands were down my pants, his fingers playing with my clit. I kissed his neck and ears, and his warm, sensuous lips. I took off his shirt and began kissing his shulders and chest.

His free hand was in the back of my shirt, unhooking my bra. I stopped kissing him to remove my shirt and he removed my bra, his other hand still playing downstairs. he was sucking my hard tits while I pulled his head nito me, wanting more.

He stood back up and kissed my neck while I reached doen and unzipped his pants…slowly I pulled them down and got down on my knees to pull his boxers down with my teeth. I grabbed his thick 9 inch dick in my hands and massaged it, my hands going back and forth..back and forth..until he was getting aroused.
He removed my pants than lay me down on the soft, green grass. He lay on top of me, kissing my breasts and stomach, sending chills through my spine. For awhile, he teased me, rubbinghis hard cock around my clit, tickling it, and making me oh so wet. When he felt i was lubricated enough, he slowly entered me, I could feel the warm muscle mass as it entered into the great beyond. he jsut kept going and going and giong until he hit a spot that made me let out a great moan of pleasure.Than he and and I pused my pelvis against him to get him as deep as I could. I could feel him getting faster and faster as he bumped me each time, my plump breasts bouncing at his mercy. And when the orgasim hit, both of us moaned with delight as though the world were our own.

Then, when I thought it couldn’t get no better, I felt the warmth of his cum as it surged through my body, sending pleasue everywhere it went. he was still pumping, harder than ever, sweat pouring down his forhead.

Of course..all good things must end. After the best moments of my life, he slowed down and we just kissed until the sun set.

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