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a story by jono for fun

you boy said the gym mistress my office 4 15 sharp
if you know what is good for you tomkins,
i thought oh it will be for a telling off
but no miss booth meant bussiness i knew she had a strong right arm becouse other boys had emerged from her office crying profusley from the slipperings she gave out
miss booth was a tall woman in her late 30s and had very shaply legs indeed all boys fancied her
including myself she allways wore a short pleated gym skirt and short white socks when i got to her office she told me ide been seen smoking on the way in to school she said that i was to be slipperd for my lack of respect and that i would be leaving her office with a very sor backside
she opened the drawer of her deask and brought out a huge white plimsoll the sole was crimped
wich meant it would sting like hell i was told to lower my shorts and bend over her knee her thigh
felt lovley and smooth my member was rather getting hard as she pulled down my under pants
i felt her run her hand on my bottom and she than
told me that i would be in tears before my slippering was over i felt the slipper tap lightly
on my bum a few times then thwack oer it stang
then the pain built up thwack i gasped in awe as the pain go worse thwack i could not controll my self thwack i was starting to bluber after the 12th stroke i was kisking and screaming for miss booth to stop sh did stop after 18 hard strokes of that infamouse plimsoll i never was punished by miss booth for the rest of that year i was 15 at the time but the year after i was sumoned to her office for swearing at the care taker she told me to report to her at 4 30 for 25 strokes on the bare over her knee after wich she then took me and then made love to me i still see mis booth on a regular basis,

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