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Journals 2

Sept. 16, 2001- Well Larry passed my class. LOL! Well not LOL cause if I did my students would think I was weird. God Larry was so good yesterday I hope more of the same comes along. Bob is still in Florida he should be home soon. He told me that he had a surprise in store for me so I’m excited!!

Sept. 19,2002- Okay I am so horny!! Thank god Bob gets home tonight. I think I may burst. There’s three more periods left, and I have to stay after school. A few idiot kids need tutoring. Uhh!! I wish they would study; my class isn’t that fucking hard.

Later that day…

Mr. Wilkes the English teacher from across the hall enters Alyssa’s room during her conference period. Mr. Wilkes is a tall handsome man who doesn’t know how hot he really is. He’s one of those guys who is dorky and will always be dorky, but has that thing about him that really turns you on. Then he says,”

* Alyssa…umm…Uhh…do you Uhh… have any umm…scissors?
*Sure I do John.
She flirtatiously walks over to her desks and bends over so she could get a good look at her nice round ass. Then turns around and drops the scissors by “accident” and bends over to pick them up giving him just enough time to look at her big tits. When she comes up again she can see that he is trying to cover the bulge in his pants. She smiles and moves his shaking hands away from his crotch.
* It’s okay Chuck. It’s not like I’ve never seen one before. Listen how bout I help you out??

The bashful English teacher watches as Alyssa unbuckles his pants and pulls down his boxers leaving her with a great 8in. Cock to suck on. She sits him on her chair and kisses the head of his penis. He lets out a little shrill. Then she likes the shaft of his eager prick.
* Umm… Oh god…Alyssa do you really think…uhhhh…ohhh… we should be doing this…oh yes.
She then takes in the whole thing. Chuck finally gets comfortable and moves his hand behind her head to get her to take in more. Then she begins to pump furiously up and down faster and faster. Then he cums and his warm juices fill Alyssa’s mouth. While he fixes himself up again he says in a big manly voice.

*Alyssa now you won’t tell anyone of this will you?
*Of course not Chuck. I knew you had been wanting some for a while so what the hell why not give in a little.

At around 7:30 Alyssa arrives home to see two cars parked out front. When she opens the door the lights are dimmed down and there are white rose petals that lead into her bedroom. On the bed is Bob with three glasses of champagne.

*Bob oh I am so glad to see you!!
* I am too Alyssa.

They have a long passionate kiss, and then he pulls away. She sits down on the bed and says…

* Okay hunny now I have three questions. One, whose car is that outside? Two why are there three glasses of champagne, and three where’s my surprise??

* Well I have one answer for all three questions. Sarah you can come out now.

From the bathroom emerges a beautiful tall blonde. A nice curvy figure and gorgeous round tits. Immediately Alyssa is getting wet.

* Alyssa, says her husband, remember a while back one of your fantasies was to have sex with a woman and have me watch? Well here it is baby.

Alyssa is taken back at first, but kisses her husband for the surprise. She sits him on the couch across from the bed and tells him to wait while she and Sarah go get into something a little more comfortable. When the return Alyssa is wearing a black leather bra and panties, while Sarah is in corset and crotchless panties. They put on the insest and slow music and begin a little striptease. Then Sarah and Alyssa kissed passionately as Bob pulled out his 8-inch cock. Sarah caressed Alyssa’s soft toned body. Then they were on the bed. By then they were already naked. Alyssa kissed Sarah and then she kissed her neck and down to her breasts. She gently bit and sucked on each perky bosom and brought Sarah to a slight moan. Then she circled her inner thigh until she came to Sarah’s hot wet clint. She inserted her tongue and licked and sucked until Sarah came to a startling orgasm. Now it was Alyssa’s turn. Sarah put on a strap on and laid Alyssa on her back with her legs open. At first Sarah pumped slowly then it got harder and faster. Then Alyssa got up on all fours and Sarah fucked her doggie style until she could take no more. Meanwhile there was Bob on the couch pumping his own dick when he was just about to cum he got up and shot his load on his wife and their new fuck buddy.

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