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naughty girl

it was 3 30pm as i looked out my window a school girl trampled on my flowers so i went out and spoke to her she said
so fuck off:
so i grabed her and took her to my bed room i made her strip as i looked at her body i was hard
bend over the bed: i told her she did so i took my belt off and swish as it hit her she screamed
swish swish about 10 mins past swish she was crying her eyes out sorry sorry she said so i stopped.i let her rest for a few mins and i was still errect so i tied her hands to the bed and lifted her legs up and put my hard cock in her.she was so tight i cum pretty dirty slag i said:i untied her and put her over my knee she was all wet and loving it really.spank spank i spanked her about 40 times her ass was on fire she was in tears and screaming im sorry i wont do it again please.i let her rest then i thought id humiliate her more so i got a nappy and made her wear turned my cock hard so i made her suck it just as i cum i withdrew my cock and shot it all over her face then took the nappy off her wich was soacked in her juces.i told her to get dressed and go home if i saw her do it again shed get worse.ok sir she said:she ran home and the next day i seen her walk past pretty fast

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