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Fetish to fuck

My name is John, I have always had a fetish about ass and eating it out.One night, after the annual school celebration, I went up to the track with a girl named Jamie, she is a very hot girl, she has huge tits, nice ass and a great face.We went to the track when there was nobody else there, there was also a hill, she said if I rolled down the hill in just my boxers she would get down to just thong and rub her ass and tits in my face, very quickly I took off my shirt and pants and shoes and rolled down the hill, when I got back to the top she got down to just her thong like she said she would and put her tits right to my face, then after about 10 seconds of that she turned around and put her hot ass right in my face, I put my face right up to it and licked it, she laughed and asked “Do you like it”, My cock was growing huge, I responded “yeah, I love it” she saw that I had a hard on and she said “Getting a little excited aren’t you!”I said “Yeah” I slowly started to take her thong off and she didn’t object, she bent over and grabbed hold of the bleachers and I slowly started to slide my dick into her tight ass, she moaned as I pushed it in more and more, I kept fucking her until I came in her ass and she screamed.Some of her friends saw us up on the track so she quickly got her clothes on and so did I and that was the end.We still see each other and talk about it.I hope to bang her again some day.

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