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School and Sex Part 1

Ever think your teachers have something to hide? You know they aren’t robots, they have minds of their own. They can think and feel just like you and me, but what happens when you find out more about your teachers than you had in mind?
It was the beginning of my freshman year in high school. I was ready to meet new people, get involved in new situations; I just didn’t know how involved I would get at times. One day after school I had been talking to one of my teachers about my grades. I was doing pretty bad as I usually do so I needed to talk to her about it. After I left I was halfway home when I realized I had left my volleyball bag in her room. Rather than go to my game smelling like a fish I went back to get it. When I went back the school was empty. Not a janitor in sight. You’re probly thinking then why did you go back if she may not be there. Well she was I knew for sure because she had said she was gonna be there until midnight even if it would take her all night to finish her paperwork. While I got closer and closer to her room I could hear heavy breathing and I would wonder what it was. When I heard a scream I ran to the room to see if she was okay. Well she was more than okay. What I saw was so shocking I couldn’t move and neither could they. There was my geography teacher laying on a desk practically naked with her legs wide open and my friend Ryan in between them with his pants pulled down. When we finally snapped out of it we all sat down to talk, and I asked how did this happen? She said that after a semester of talking, laughing, and becoming friends it was bound to happen. So because it was the first time I had encountered such an act I didn’t think much of it. A few days later I had to stay after school for a detention I totally did not deserve, but I had to stay. Afterwards while walking downstairs to my car I ran into my favorite teacher. She asked me how I was and I said well okay I guess. I had been having a lot of problems with my boyfriend, and other things so I told her. So she told me to stop by her house sometime if I ever had a problem. So I continued my route to my car when I saw two teachers leave in a car. For some odd reason I had a feeling to follow them. They stopped a cheap hotel called Goodies. When the two teachers exited the car I noticed it was my biology teacher Mr. Barlow and my English teacher Mrs. Vain. Mr. Barlow was in his 40,s he was a short man who looked like Flanders from the Simpson’s. Mrs. Vain on the other hand was 28, as tall and Mr. Barlow, she had long straight hair and beautiful colored eyes. Both teachers were supposedly happily married, but this showed other wise. When they got to their room they were so excited they forgot to close the blinds. As so as they entered they began to kiss passionately. They began to strip off their clothes, and Mr. Barlow laid Mrs. Vain on the bed. He went from her mouth down to her neck and then to her supple breast. He unhooked her bra and began to suck on each eager breast. Meanwhile Mrs. Vain was unzipping Mr. Barlow’s pant’s and began to fondle his ever so erect penis. Then Mr. Barlow pulled down her silk panties and spread her great legs apart and inserted his manly hood into her. He began to thrust slowly at fist with both of them moaning. Then he got faster and faster and you could hear her yell, ” Yes Jeff, push harder, make it hurt baby!! Oh! Oh! OOOHHH MMMYYYYY GGGGGOOOOOOOOODDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then at the same time both teachers let out their orgasm. With that he collapsed on top of her and they kissed one last time. I was so stunned at what I saw yet it was so funny. So I left in my car. When I got home I called my boyfriend, but he sounded so cold and uncaring that I hung up the phone crying. The next day I went to go talk to my favorite teacher Mrs. Garza. She was 28, and was a short lady, with long jet black hair, she looked gothic because of her white completion contrasting against her dark hair and crimson lipstick plus she always wore black, but she was a bit chubby, not fat fat, but still she remained sexy. I told her about my problem with my boyfriend and she said listen come with me to my house, it’s a bit hard to talk here at school. So she took me into her Tahoe and she drove me to her home. When we got there she opened the door and told me to go into the living room. It was the first time I had ever been to a teacher’s home and her’s was beautiful. Pictures of her family adorned the wall, and her wedding portrait hung above the fireplace. I then heard her call me to her bedroom. So a bit nervous I went. She was there trying to pull down the zipper of her dress. She asked if I could help. I did. She turned around and looked at me as if she was about to kiss me, and then suddenly she did. Taken aback I was shocked. For some odd reason I liked it. I wasn’t sure if I was a lesbian, but I had always fantasized about having this moment with her, but I thought it would never happen because of her so called deep Christian roots. She would always be talking about how she was a Christian and would always pray. She told me not to be nervous but I was. She leaned over and did it again only this time I kissed back. We got really into it and she began to remove my shirt and I pulled down her dress that she stepped out of. She was now only wearing a black bra which I think was a 36c and black panties, me on the other hand was wearing my white bra which is very small and my pink skirt, and my pink thong underneath. She then told me to lay on the bed. She asked if I was a virgin and I replied yes. Then she pulled down my skirt and thong and began to kiss the inner part of my thigh until she got to the inside of my special area. She then began to suck me off and it felt oh so good. I had never felt anything like it. Then it was her turn. Before this moment I had always told my self I was never going to let anyone suck me off, nor was I going to do someone else, but this time it was different. As I continued I could hear her moaning, and I heard her say, ” oh yes that feels good, your are so much better than my husband. Oh!!! Oh fuck!” that was the first time I ever heard the Christian teacher swear. Then before she was about to climax she turned me on my back got on top of me and tried to do me like a man. It felt so great, and before I new it I had my first orgasm. She then laid next to me and asked if I had enjoyed it and my response was of course. While she was driving me back to school in my car she said remember if you ever have a problem you know where to go. And with that she left. I sat in my car for a few minutes just thinking about what i had done. Then i laughed about it and drove home.

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