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The Returning Student

Beginning Introductory:

One evening at 10:30 p.m., after a late night writing, Tatum hung out in the parking lot for her brother to pick her up. She was one of very juniors that owned a car, so she was the only one there. The parking lot was as dead as a cemetery with only the sounds of crickets and an owl hooting. Tatum did not mind being alone–as a matter of fact, she loved it. It was her idea of being able to sit back and think of the times. As she waits, her brother calls her cell phone.

::cell phone rings twice::

Tatum: Hello?

Philip: Tat? It’s Philip. I wont be able to pick you up. My car just ran out of gas on the way over there, you think you can walk?
Tatum: I guess. I’ll be home soon.
Philip: Come straight home, mom will be pissed.
Tatum: I know, another week of being grounded. (hangs up)

Tatum suddenly realizes that she has to go to the bathroom. Annoyed, she speed walks into the high school building to use the nearest female washroom.
::being watched from a corner::
She finishes herself up and quickly bolts out and into Mr. Jacobson.

Mr. Jacobson: Wo, hey. Careful there.
Tatum: Sorry about that, Mr. Jacobson. I was just in a hurry.
Mr. Jacobson: What are you doing here at 10:45?
Tatum: Poem readings. I was waiting for my brother to pick me up, but he got stranded on an empty gas tank. He is the only one I can depend on since my parents are still just coming home from out of town. So, I’m kind of stuck walking.
Mr. I…can drive you home if you’d like.
Tatum: Could you! Thank you so much!
Mr. Jacobson: It’s really against school policy, but I don’t want you walking home alone at this time of night. There’s a full moon out tonight. People are nuts at full moon.

Mr. Jacobson leads Tatum to his car in the faculty parking lot. He owned a neon. Tatum jumps into the shot-gun and they take off instantly. It was a quiet ride until Mr. Jacobson pulled into an area that was not Tatum’s home. This deserted looking place was a tree buried forest with a trashed playground and a swampy pond. At this time and place, Tatum was wearing loose fitting jeans with a blue Abercrombie and Fitch t-shirt.

Tatum: Um, Mr. Jacobson, this isn’t my home.
Mr. Jacobson: I realize that, Tatum.
Tatum: Then why am I brought here?

Mr. Jacobson leans over and gently kisses her on the lips.

Mr. Jacobson: That’s why.
Tatum: (swallows deep) Wow…uh..
Mr. Jacobson: I find you very pretty, Tatum. You have the perfect body, along with an amazing personality. You deserve more than those young boys you go out with every now and then. You deserve a man–like me.
Tatum: But I’m only interested in the young boys I date.

Mr. Jacobson kisses Tatum again with a little more tongue. Tatum tries to smoothly slip away, but her teacher’s grip is strong. His manly hood bulges up as his big hands reach up Tatum’s shirt and disessembles her bra. She struggles a bit more when noticing she was bare underneath her shirt. Jacobson finally lets her breathe and pins her down. They are now in the back seat of his car.

Tatum: Get off of me! That is gross…doing sexual stuff with a 35 year old teacher!
Mr. Jacobson: Bet you’ll be thinking differently after I’m done with you.
Tatum: EW! No, pervert!

A huge smack with a fist hits her straight in the nose. She immediately covers her nose up.

Mr. Jacobson: Regret saying that one, bitch. Uncover your face.

Tatum slowly and frightinly removes her trembling palms from her nose. Her nose area was painted in blood. Mr. Jacobson then grabs her by the hair and punches her three more times in the head and cheek bone. In pain, Tatum cries in rage of horror.

Mr. Jacobson: You brought this on yourself, you little whore.
Tatum: (sobbing) Why are you doing this!
Mr. Jacobson: I’m teaching you a very valueble lesson. I heard the gossip, Tatum. Britney told me all about it. You seem to have a huge crush on me, huh?
Tatum: Crush?
Mr. Jacobson: You wanting to marry me, you wanting to make-out with. Well baby, (unzips his trousers) your wish is about to come true–more than just making out.
(trousers drop)
Tatum: I don’t…(screeches)

He knee walks over toward Tatum’s head and grabs the sides of her face.

Mr. Jacobson: Give me head, bitch, and don’t you dare bite it.

Sobbing, Tatum does what he says. Five minutes later—Mr. Jacobson pulls himself out of Tatum’s mouth and backs up in between her legs. He disessembles her jeans and slowly pulls them down. This youngin’s vigina was naturally bushy and small. Jacobson quickly, after removing Tatum’s bottom half, starts to finger.

Mr. Jacobson: What the hell is the matter with you! Your not wet…
Tatum: I’m sorry! I’m not enjoying this!
Mr. Jacobson: Then maybe I should put two more fingers in you.
Tatum: Why don’t you put your dick in too while your at it!

He smacks her again.

Mr. Jacobson: You keep your fucking trap shut! Actually, that doesn’t sound like a bad idea.
Tatum: What? (trembling voice)

Mr. Jacobson takes his fingers out of her, positions himself between her thighs, and points the head of his penis directly at the hole of her crouch.

Tatum: I wasn’t being serious–I was overexagerating!
Mr. Jacobson: You would love for me to pop your cherry, wouldn’t you Tatum. (pushes himself in a little)
Tatum: (crying in more fright) No, please don’t…
Mr. Jacobson: (an evil smile takes over him) You want it, you just wont admit it. Your such a fucking tease. (pushes in further)
Tatum: NO, I’M A VIRGIN!

She tries to push his hips back, but he pins her back down.

Mr. Jacobson: Stop fucking fighting! Now get ready, this is going to be mighty painful.

With one hard thrust, Mr. Jacobson slams the rest of his penis inside. Tatum screams and bursts into tears from the split.

Mr. Jacobson: Feel the pain of lust, slut.
Tatum: This isn’t funny anymore! I want to go home, do my homework, (crying more) and have a peaceful sleep!
Mr. Jacobson: You will after I cum. GOD! You’re so fucking tight! Loosen your muscles.
Tatum: No, I’m not loosing my virginity to you!
Mr. Jacobson: (laugh) I think it’s a little to late for that one, sweetie. Now, this..would go..a lot..FASTER..if you loosened your GOD DAMN MUSCLES!!!

It’s starts to storm outside with thunder and lightening.
Tatum: I don’t want to! (violently struggles for freedom) Just leave me alone, you son-of-bitch!

Mr. Jacobson tries to calm her down, but gets even more livid with her and bops her right on the throat. She stops yelling and fighting from coughing in a storm. Then he grabs her head.

Mr. Jacobson: (breathing hard) That calmed you down.
Tatum: (coughing, crying) I’m sorry, I lost it for a second, it wont happen again.
Mr. Jacobson: Want me to twist and break your little neck?
Tatum: (begging) No, no, please no.

Tatum gives up and calms down. With pleasure, Mr. Jacobson got what he wanted out of her. He pumped her for ten minutes. Her legs were shaking from the beating and rapid strokes he was doing while fucking her. After having his climax, he pulls out. She was bleeding a bit.

Mr. Jacobson: There. We’re done. Get dressed, I’m taking you home.

(the intro continues in a non sexual matter)

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