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Teacher – Student True Love

Hi. My name is Alexia, but everyone calls me Lexi. My story actually started when I entered high school as a freshman. I met this teacher who was different from all of the other teachers. He was smart, and not just in the subject areas that he taught. He was book smart, and life smart. At first I thought of him as a “good friend.” I later started to think otherwise. I did not have him as a teacher first semester, because of overcrowding. I failed that subject first semester, but I moved into Mr. Carlton’s class second semester. It was great! I learned a lot, and I had fun watching him walk back and forth in front of my desk. Mr. Carlton was not a very tall man. He was about 5’5″ or so. He was 28 years old, and he was also quite muscular, and a very healthy and active individual. He was quite the handsome man too. All of the girls talked about him, but they never got the nerve to talk to him. I, on the other hand, the shy freshman, making excellent grades, and not all too popular yet, talked to him every chance that I had. We enjoyed each other’s company.
Summer came, and then a new school year. I did not have him as a teacher, but I still stopped by to visit every once in a while. Sophomore year went by, then the summer again. There was still a matter of me failing that class first semester, so I had to take it over. Coincidentally, I got him as a teacher my junior year! Now, Mr. Carlson was a very funny man, and he was also unique with his tricks and jokes. I was in a class full of freshmen, so I knew what was to come of this semester, and they had no idea. I knew the punch-lines to all of his jokes and I knew all of the answers to most of his dumb trivia questions. He found it amusing that I remembered everything from 2 years before, but he also found it annoying that I was answering all of the questions and not giving the new kids a turn. Well, the semester went on and I would finish my work early and do things for him like grade papers, and stuff. The first semester ended, and he told me that I absolutely had to keep visiting him. So I promised that I would. I came to his classroom at least 4 times a day, if not 5 or 6. I kept doing his handy work for him, and helping him out with the younger students who needed guidance from someone a little older. Another summer came and went. I was a senior now, and I got out of school earlier than the underclassmen, because I only needed a few more credits. When my school day was over, I would go and sit in his classroom and do little odd jobs for him just like always, and he appreciated it.
Now, I always felt like there was a difference in the relationship between him and me. Something that was different from the relationships between him and the other girls that actually worked up the guts to talk to him over the years. Mr. Carlson and I could talk about anything. My problems with friends or family. Anything at all. I always told him that he could share anything with me that he needed to also. He did on the occasion. Over the second half of my junior year, and into my senior year, he would always make little comments to me about how perfect we would be together, and all of that. There was also a strange e-mail that came from someone whose address was not familiar to me. This e-mail talked about how much this person knew that Mr. Carlson loved me, and that he was too afraid to act on his feelings. They also said that I loved him, but I was sure that he would want nothing to do with me because he was way to smart. These were my feelings! But I wasn’t sure if they were his too.
Anyway, graduation came, and he met me at my car in the parking lot of the town hall where we had our ceremony. He told me that he had something to tell me, and that he wanted to say it in front of my parents. I thought it was a serious matter that he needed to discuss right away, but I wasn’t prepared for what was about to come!
He greeted my parents, and asked them if we could all go somewhere and talk. My parents agreed and we went to a small local restaurant and sat down for a few drinks. Mr. Carlson then took my hand and looked right at my parents and told them how he felt about me. He told them that he respected me enough to wait until I graduated and that I was old enough now to know what his love meant. Shocked I shook my head in agreement. I did love him, but I thought I was in a dream! My parents sternly disagreed to the whole arrangement, and they ordered me never to speak to him again. I, on the other hand, was almost 19 years old, and ready to move on. I was proud that I had found someone so much like me, yet so different. We were meant to be together. I told my parents that if they really loved me, that they would let me be happy. They said they would never speak to me again, and they haven’t. I am now 25 years old, and I am Mrs. Brendon Carlson. I am extremely happy, and we have a child on the way. I could have never in a million years predicted this good of an outcome. Damn. Life is good!

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