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She paced, or sat with a worried expression, or flounced. Jennifer had found herself with a serious problem on her hands! In the first place, among her set, in order to get to the prom, you had to put out in order to get a date. That was the heaviest date in the whole school year. When she was a virgin, Jennifer had resigned herself to no prom, but this year she wanted to go. She felt every bit as womanly as any of the other girls in school. She realized how much of a lover her brother was, when she compared him to Rod. Rod was still mooning around Jennifer, but Jennifer, who was nice to him, refused all his advances. She had promised her mother and father that she would not sleep with any of the guys at school. Her brother and she had a good relationship going, emotionally as well as sexually. By now he had worked off his demerit points. He had bought Jennifer a lovely little gold pinkie ring with some of his savings. Jennifer was very touched by his gift, especially since Jennifer assumed some of the responsibility for his having acquired the demerits in the first place. It was Saturday morning, and Jennifer was sitting, disconsolate, in front of the television set. She had finished her household chores. Her homework was all done, and she didn’t want to go out. She had only three weeks to go before the prom. Everyone else in her class was going, which meant that there were no virgins left. She had asked Anne how she got her date. Anne and she were the last hold-outs. She was going with Johnny Sims, who was a rather good-looking boy, if excessively intellectual. Anne merely giggled. “I took the plunge, what else? Why don’t you, Jennifer?” “Ohhh,” Jennifer mourned, “I promised my mother!” She couldn’t very well say that she was still a virgin, so she avoided the word. But she couldn’t very well tell the girls that she had had her cherry popped by her brother. So she was stuck with no date for the prom. Rachael had been no help at all! That made Jennifer very, very angry with her. She was going to the prom with Richard, who had copped her cherry, but Rachael had no ideas about the matter.

Jennifer stared at the television set with unseeing eyes, pondering her dilemma. She didn’t deserve this, she thought to herself. She felt betrayed by Rachael, and very bewildered. “Hey, what’s the matter?” her brother asked her, coming into the living room. “Oh, Billy, I’m in a pickle!” “What kind this time?” her brother grinned. Jennifer looked up at him, and her pussy creamed. Both her parents were around the house today, so there was no chance of their getting together. She was almost jealous that he had a date that night. She sighed. “I’m the only girl in the freshman class who’s not going to the prom. You know what that means?” Billy laughed. “That means you’re the only virgin in the class.” “That’s not funny, Billy. I feel like a hypocrite.” “Yeah, sometimes I do, too.” “Well, you don’t have to go around pretending you’re a virgin! I do, because nobody would believe me if I told them, anyway!” “Oh, yes they would. Rebecca’s brother Gerald popped her cherry before she ever started on her cock-teasing campaign.” Jennifer’s eyes widened. “You’re kidding!” “No. I’ve been feeling so guilty about you and me that I did some research. We aren’t so bad. Lots of the kids in school have done it.” “Well, that doesn’t make me feel better. I want to go to the prom!” Jennifer wailed. “Gee, Sis, I don’t know what to tell you.” “Can you find me a date?” Billy sighed and leaned forward. “I’ll ask the guys in school. I know the guys in my class aren’t going to want to go to the prom with a freshman, but maybe one of them has a brother who goes to another school.” “Oh, would you, Billy?” “Yeah. I’m sorry. The least you could have is the right to sit here and say that the only reason you’re not going to the prom is that you’re a virgin, but you can’t even do that.” “That’s not your fault,” Jennifer said mournfully. “I wanted it as bad as you did.”

The telephone rang. It was Rachael. “Want to come to my house? Richard’s here, and he has a friend with him. He might be the answer to your problem!” Rachael’s voice had a ring to it, as if she were up to something. And if Richard were at Rachael’s house, Jennifer was pretty sure that her parents weren’t home. It made her nervous. Richard hung out with some older men, and even Jennifer’s mother, who wasn’t too critical of Jennifer’s friends, had said that she didn’t like “that Richard or his questionable friends.” “I don’t know, Rach. Wait till I ask Mom.” “Oh, you chicken. Why do you always have to ask your mother?” “Because!” Jennifer said, slamming the phone down on the table, and storming out to the kitchen. “May I go to Rachael’s house, mother?” she asked, her tone belligerent. Her mother laughed. “Well, of course. Were you expecting a fight from me?” “No, but I’m gonna give a fight to Rachael. She called me chicken for asking you if I could go.” “Rachael’s mother should get a good spanking for leaving the child free to do as she pleases without supervision. Of course you may go, dear. Have a good time, and be home by three. Daddy’s going to take us all out to supper.”

Jennifer went back to the phone. “I can come,” she said. “O.K. I’ll wait for you. Hurry up! We’re gonna have a lot of fun.” Jennifer didn’t like the set-up the minute she walked into the house. For one thing, both men were stripped to their jockey shorts, and Rachael, giggling, met Jennifer at the door in a bathrobe, and Jennifer suspected that she had nothing under it. She walked into the living room, and was introduced to Richard, whom she knew. He was a darkly handsome boy, who always had a slightly snide look on his face, as if he had just got away with something. Jennifer was pretty sure that wasn’t far from the truth. The man with him was named George. Jennifer gasped when she saw him. He was older, and went to another high school in the city. She remembered him because he was a basketball champ, and his team had beaten the team at her school several times. He was also supposed to be the baddest boy in town. He lived in the ghetto with his widowed mother, and she had heard rumors about how he supported his mother and two younger sisters. The sisters always came to the games with him. He was tall and dark-haired, with dark, passionate-looking eyes. He sat, grinning on the couch, in his jockey shorts, as Rachael introduced him. “He’s one of Richard’s friends. He’s agreed to go to the prom with you.” Jennifer got scared. Rachael told her everything, and she knew that Rachael frequently went to parties with Richard, where all the girls and boys mixed it up. Jennifer thought it was marvelous and the stories always made her cunt cream wildly, but she didn’t want to be part of such a scene, and she certainly didn’t want to get fucked for the sake of a dance—not after she had promised her mother, and not when she had her brother to fulfill her sexual needs. Billy and she had made a pact that Billy and she would have all the dates they wanted, but Billy would service Jennifer’s sexual needs until she was sixteen and could start to have sex herself.

Jennifer felt honor-bound to the arrangement, peculiar as it might seem to some people. She got very angry with Rachael. “I don’t like this!” she exclaimed. “I don’t like it at all.” “Where are you going?” Rachael screamed, grabbing Jennifer’s arm, as she was about to go out of the door. “I’m going home!” Jennifer said, pulling away from Rachael. “After I got you a date?” “I’m not going to be a whore just to go to a dance!” Jennifer exclaimed hotly. “And that’s exactly what you’re asking me to do. The whole school knows that only girls who have had their cherries popped get to go to the prom.” “I asked Richard, as a personal favor, to bring a friend here, so you could get to the dance,” Rachael said, looking aggrieved. “I think that was very nice of you, but you didn’t consult me first,” Jennifer said. The sound of George’s laughter arrested both girls. “I don’t know what you think is so funny, man. You’ve been done out of some ass,” Richard said to his friend. He walked behind Rachael, and right in front of Jennifer he began to massage her tits. “We were thinking of a little get-together, but if you’re chicken…!” “All right! All right! I’m chicken! I’m chicken because I tell my mother where I’m going, and I’m chicken because I promised her I wouldn’t sleep with any of the boys in school until I was sixteen. So I’m chicken!” Jennifer started to storm out of the house again, but she was grabbed. She swung, alarmed at the grip on her wrist. It was George who was holding her this time. “You don’t have to go,” he said. “If you promised your mother you wouldn’t have sex til1 you were eightteen, I don’t think you’re chicken for keeping your word.”

His voice was quiet. “I’m sorry I got you into this, man,” Richard said. Rachael’s robe now hung open, revealing all her luscious delicacies. Rachael didn’t seem to mind in the least. “Come on,” George said, ignoring Richard. “We can sit on the couch and watch.” “Watch?” Jennifer asked, wide-eyed. “Yeah, why not?” George laughed. “It’s a good sex education.” He pulled her over to the couch, and sat her down beside him. “Do you mind?” Jennifer asked Rachael. “Hell, no! I love an audience. Maybe you can pick up a few pointers from me,” Rachael said, smiling. Rachael shrugged the robe off, and paraded her excellent figure in front of Jennifer and George. Richard removed his pants. His cock stuck straight out. It wasn’t as big as Billy’s. It throbbed redly, sprouting luridly from his hairy bush. He rushed at Rachael, who acted as if she were swooning in his arms. “Ohh, lover, I want you so bad!” she gasped. Jennifer squirmed in her seat. She was slightly uncomfortable, but still fascinated. George looked at her, and grinned. He had a dimple on his right cheek when he smiled. His eyes were so dark and piercing that Jennifer thought he was a little scary. Rachael’s parents weren’t home. Jennifer realized she could easily be raped with these two boys here. George reached out and took Jennifer’s hand. Jennifer looked slyly at his hardon. It looked enormous behind his jockey shorts. Jennifer gulped when she felt her little hand engulfed in George’s big hand. She creamed some more. She had never seen George up close, but he was even more handsome up close than he was on the basketball courts.

As she looked at his hardon, she had an irresistible urge to touch it. She looked at Rachael and Richard. They were squirming around on the floor. Jennifer could tell that Rachael’s cunt was moist. She spread her legs, revealing her luscious little twat, and it glistened with her juices. Richard started to rub his hand up and down her twat. His middle finger penetrated her moist entrance, and Rachael arched upward driving his finger into her cunt right up to the knuckle. Then he crawled in between her legs, his cock aimed right at her drooling hole. Jennifer shivered. “How do you feel?” George asked her. There was a mocking gleam in his eyes. “Horny!” Jennifer admitted, honestly, surprising even herself with her answer. George laughed again, his laughter guttural. Jennifer’s eyes were riveted to the young couple writhing around on the floor. “Oh, Richard, I want that thing so bad, I can feel myself coming!” Rachael gasped, arching her hips up and down in a copulatory motion that was very exciting to Jennifer. “Don’t worry, Rach,” Richard said. “I’ll fill ya up real good, and when I get finished, George can stuff your cunt, too!” Richard then raised Rachael’s legs up, and put them on his shoulders. Jennifer gasped. She had never even considered a posture like that. Rachael’s legs were very long and well-shaped, and her pussy was now really exposed to Richard’s throbbing cock. Richard’s cock was now planted firmly against Rachael’s wet twat. Jennifer squeezed her cuntal muscles together as the excitement coursed through her hotly. “Hurry lover!” Rachael gasped. “Please don’t stop now.” “O.K., Rachael, just let me… unh… get it in!”

Richard started to insert his big meat into Rachael’s tiny cunt. Rachael moaned. Jennifer watched, mesmerized, as Rachael’s cunt got bigger and bigger to accommodate the huge prick which Richard was shoving into her. Her ears rang. She felt George’s hands getting all sweaty as he watched the couple on the floor. She looked up at him. Her breathing was getting heavier and heavier. “O.K., lover,” Rachael gasped, as Richard planted himself balls-deep in Rachael’s cunt, “let’s fuck!” She started to hump up and down. At first her motions were slow and lazy. As Jennifer watched, Richard’s cock appeared, and then disappeared into Rachael’s cunt. He was arching his buttocks up and then pushing them forward, plunging his dick deeply into Rachael’s teenaged twat. Jennifer gasped. She felt George’s hand, holding hers, bring her hand over to his hardon. She jumped and pulled her hand away. “Sorry!” George said, raising his arms. “You don’t have to if you don’t want to. I just thought you’d like to touch it. I’d like you to, if you want to.” Jennifer licked her passion-dry mouth. She really did want to touch George’s cock. It looked so big, and she could see it pulsing through the thin cotton material. She cautiously put her hand out and rested it on his burgeoning manhood. “Ahh!” George gasped, putting his hand on top of hers, and pressing it into his throbbing prick. Jennifer watched the couple on the floor. She could see their mouths wide open, and their tongues were flicking in and out of each other’s mouth. They made wet sucking noises as they teased each other’s oral cavity. Richard’s ass moved up and down furiously, as he pumped his cock in and out of Rachael’s cunt. Jennifer smelled their sex juices permeating the air, as their excitement grew. “Oh, lover, fuck me!” Rachael gasped in Richard’s ear, “fuck my ever-loving pussy. Ohhh, it needs a cock, a man’s big prick! Ohhh, harder, harder!” Rachael gasped.

Richard started to blow in her ear, and Jennifer watched as Rachael shivered. Her hips moved up and down furiously. Jennifer could hear the wet sucking noises as Richard’s cock lunged in and out of Rachael’s cunt. Richard was now humping Rachael like an animal in heat. He pumped harder and faster. Rachael followed suit, her arching hips meeting his downward thrusts until her hips were a blur of motion. She was like a bitch in heat, and she acted as if she had gone insane on Richard’s cock. “Oh, fuck me, Richard, baby, fuck mee!” Her words trailed off into a high-pitched scream. Jennifer shivered again and her fingers gripped at the cotton-covered bulge in George’s pants. She had a wild desire to suck him off, but she wasn’t sure if that went under the heading of getting fucked. She decided maybe it didn’t. She would have liked to have Billy there, to decide one way or other, but knowing her brother, she knew he would be furious because she was alone in Rachael’s house with Richard and this notorious boy, George. Richard was grunting furiously now, and Jennifer was pretty sure he was shooting his hotwads of cum deep into Rachael’s twat. Then she saw Richard’s sweating body collapse on top of Rachael’s. The two of them were silent, except for their labored breathing.

Finally, Rachael looked over at Jennifer. “Aren’t you convinced yet?” she asked. “About what?” “About sex!” “Oh, it has to be the greatest thing in the world! But I promised!” Jennifer’s rosebud mouth got very firm when she said this. She did mean every word she said. She was sorry she had accepted Rachael’s invitation. She felt slightly betrayed by her friend. She realized what a quandary she was in. Before Rachael’s phone call, she had felt betrayed because Rachael hadn’t done anything for her. Now Rachael had got her a marvelous date, and Jennifer still felt betrayed. Rachael hadn’t advised her. Not only that, the condition of the date was that she get fucked. And she felt more and more like a hypocrite because she wasn’t a virgin, and she was getting her nookie regularly. “Hey, look!” Richard said, pointing down at his cock. It was still erect. “Now what do I do with that?” George laughed. “You fuck her again, man, that’s what you do.” “You are willing to give up your turn?” “I am doing fine, man. Carry on,” George said. He turned to Jennifer, whose hand was still resting on his prick. “You want to touch it bare?” Jennifer nodded her head. Her hand was aching as badly as her cunt. George arched up and pulled his jockey shorts down. Jennifer gasped. His cock was bigger than her brother’s and bigger than her father’s, even. There was a drop of pre-come on the handsome, well-shaped head of the cock.

She reached out the tip of one finger, and rubbed the opaque drop of gism around. George winced, and she saw the cock lurch at her soft touch. She put her finger to her lip to taste it. “It tastes good.” George laughed slyly. “I can give you a lot more of that, if you want it,” he said. There was something ineffably sexy about the boy, even if he were scary. Jennifer looked at him and licked her lips. “Well, eating your cock isn’t the same as getting fucked, is it?” she said. “You mean you would?” “What?” “Eat my cock?” “Oh,” Jennifer said softly, grabbing his massive peter at the hairy base, “I sure would love to. It’s such a pretty cock.” “Damn! I think I’ve hit pay dirt!” “Yecch!” Rachael said, now impaled again on Richard’s cock. “I wouldn’t take that nasty old thing in my mouth for anything!” “Oh, I’d do it for nothing. I don’t think it’s nasty at all. Even if he doesn’t take me to the prom.” Jennifer looked earnestly up into George’s face. “Listen,” she said, “tell me the truth. Do you think if I tasted your cock it would be the same as getting fucked? Because that’s what I promised my mother I wouldn’t do.”

“It sure isn’t!” “But you could be saying that because you want me to eat you,” Jennifer said, seriously debating the issue. “I want to feel that sweet little mouth on my cock. But I promise you, fucking ain’t the same as sucking!” Jennifer giggled. Of course it wasn’t. She sighed, and leaned over his lap. She opened her soft mouth, and plopped his cock head into her mouth. Rachael’s moans reached her ears and incited her to further sexual riot. She teased his piss slit with her tongue, and smacked her lips again. His come tasted different from Billy’s. George looked down at her through half closed eyes, which made him look even sexier. She was very happy that she had her brother. She didn’t think she could get through the night after this without his big fat cock planted in her cunt. She opened her mouth, and closed it again around his cock head. She heard George moan. She was totally unconscious of the rutting couple of the floor now, as she bobbed up and down. She meant to take all of his massive mauler into her mouth if she could. She gagged when she bobbed forward and she felt his cock head slamming against her throat. “Easy, easy!” George laughed, pushing her head back a little. “If you take it easy, you’ll get more of it. You can’t get it all, anyway. No one can. It’s too big.” Jennifer loved nothing better than a challenge. She closed her eyes, and started to bob forward again, this time a little more carefully. When his cock head again bobbed against the entrance to her throat, she started to swallow. She took a deep breath, and then pushed a little bit forward. His cock head slipped into her throat. She felt it stretching her throat, and she started to swallow furiously. She heard George groan, and felt his hips starting to pump his cock into her, in short, shallow motions.

Jennifer wasn’t satisfied. She wasn’t going to rest until she got all of his massive phallus planted deep in her sweet mouth. She took a deep breath and plunged forward. “Ahhh!” George gasped. Jennifer’s mouth and nose were buried deeply in George’s hairy pubes!

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