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I couldn

I had just gone off to college after being kept in a strict house by my parents. They had seen boys hitting on me for years, especially when I was modeling but never really ave me the opportunity to learn about sex with boys.

The only sex I had ever had was with my fingers in my bed after I was sent to read when my homework was done. I had kissed only two boys and wanted more but Mom or Dad would always show up.

I modeled for tall girls clothing as I was 5’10” and my slight 120 pounds made me look really tall. My sensitive nipples forced me to tape my nipples down when I modeled swimsuits.

The first day of class, I left thinking my 30 something professor had glanced at my chest one too many times and it got me excited. This went on for a few weeks until I started sitting in the front row and licking my lips a lot and crossing and uncrossing my legs constantly. During our first test I made sure I sat right in front of his desk and wore a short skirt.

I got an A- and approached him and asked if I could discuss the questions I got wrong during his office hours. He seemed excited by that and invited me to visit with him as his last appointment on friday. I agreed and showed up in a really short skirt and a tank top.

He invited me in and asked how he could help and I nearly blurted out “I would have gotten 100% if I hadn’t been so distracted trying to see your cock through your slacks. Just let me see it once and I promise I’ll do better.” He was shocked and told me he could not do that or he’d be fired.

I walked around his desk and asked if he’d be fired if I took his cock out and kissed it. He tried backing away but I could tell by the lump in his short he was going to be my first.

Shortly, he told me it was too ricky and we’d have to go to his house off campus and I agreed to meet him there in an hour. When I got there, he offered me wine, I agreed and stripped while he was gone. He nearly dropped the glasses when he saw me and I did my best to suck his cock as he begged me to make him cum.

I had put small things in my pussy while I played with my clit but nothing as filling as his cock. I tried to satisfy him in every way but I could think as I kept cumming and cumming. He finally whipped his cock out and rubbed his cum all over my “c” cup tits.

He asked me if I was only there for today or if he could see me again. I told him as long as he taught me all about sex I’d be his until at least graduation. He taught me everything from better masterbation for both of us, to blowjob technique, to 69ing, sex, doggie style sex and as the year was ending anal sex.

My sophomore year we started swinging and he helped me to learn how to satisfy women with my tounge, fingers or toys. I finally realized that I needed to have sex about 10 times a week or so and did lots of kinky things.

When I went home after my sophomore year, my mom asked if I was still a virgin and I admitted I wasn’t. She asked me if I liked sex and I blushed while telling her it was great. She told me to call the son of our family friend as she heard he was nice. We went out and he told me he had fucked my mom for years and my dad knew all about it.

I told him he was a liar and he told me he’d teach me how to satisfy his huge 10 incher if I gave him a chance. He ended up teaching me about spanking and how to ride a thick boner and squeezing it with my pussy that summer.

I’ve gotta go now because my mom is going to show me the dildo she sticks in my aunt’s pussy now.

I love sex (and so does my family).

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