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an appointment for the slipper

it was a cold winters day in the 60s and i was in the 5th year at high school the norm in those days
was corporal punishment this storey is purley
fantasey and should be treated as such
on wednesday mornings we had games normally taken by our games master mr willkins but he was off
school sick so we had miss perkins the games
mistress she told us boys she belived in the use of the slipper for poor work or lack of effort
we just laughed it off but she saide one of us would end up in her office after games for the slippering ofa lifetime miss perkins was in her 30s tall brunnet with srong muscular thighs and
a srong right arm so we were told but i just
said bollocks and got on with things but miss perkins heard of my swearing and the lack of effort i made on the cross country run so when we were going back in to the boys changing room
she was waiting outside and she stopeed me in my traks and told me to go with her to her office
when i got in her office she sat down on her chair
and i saw her powerfull thighs she wore a very short skirt and t shirt for games she told me she herd me say bollocks and saw my lack of effort in games she said she woul give me the slipper
she opened the desk drawer took out a huge white
plimsoll the sole was crimped and it was very flexible i was asked if i was wearing underpants but i sead no miss so she told me to stand at her side then she put me over her knee i felt the
smooth skin of her thigh against my shorts she then hoked her fingers round my waistband and pulled down my shorts my bare bottom felt cold
i felt the plimsoll touch my bottom and felt the ridges in the sole after a couple of taps there was a pause then thwack the sting was unbeleavable
my bum was exploding with pain i recived 12strokes
and i was crying bitterly i never swore or made any lack of effort again in miss perkins class

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