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Virgin Fuck Fantasy

Jeff was a normal 15 year old virgin guy. He jacked off about two times a day, thought about sex constantly, and now that he was in high school and sex was happening left and right now it made it worse. Every girl pretty much made a joke out of the school dress code. Jeff was in good shape, had a muscular build and was hott to a lot of girls. Yet still Jeff had a hard time getting a girl. He didn’t know what it was. But he decided enough was enough. He was tired of no girl friend. There was a party this weekend and he didn’t know if he wanted to go to it. As he was thinking about it the girl in front of him who was had a tight ass dropped her books. She bent down to pick them up and he stopped imediatley. Her pants slipped down a little bit and she had a lovely thong on. He was stunned and he fought the urge from his cock to get hard. He gathered himself and kneeled down by her to help her. “Hi. Thanks for helpn me,” she said. “No problem,” said Jeff. “So…you goin to the party this weekend?” she asked. “Yea of course!” said Jeff not even realizing he was saying it. “Well my name is Cindy, guess I’ll see you there errr…?” “Oh my name is Jeff. Yea see ya there.” As she walked away eh knew now he was going to go to the party if a babe like her was going to be there.
It was Saturday night and Jeff just arrived at the party, he’d gotten a ride to the party from his friend Mike who was 16. He and Mike split up as soon as they entered b/c Mike had found some girl already he wanted to fuck that night. Jeff walked around looking at the great asses and tits that clustered the rooms. He found the room where everyone was just dancing by themselves acting like fools for fun. He decided to join in on it. It was pretty crowded. Soon he was reaching his hands everywhere to feel up some girls not noticing what was happening. He found a girl that was a dd size wearing a tank top and short shorts making her ass look great. and moved to her. Nelly’s song Hot in Here started to play and all the girls started to dance like sluts and strippers. Especially the dd size girl. He came up behind her and reached around her and grabbed onto her nice big tits. He squeezed gently and the ass of this girl backed into his crotch area. He slid his hands onto her bare stomach she continued to keep her ass in his crotch area. Dancing and grinding up against him. His cock now became hard. The girl felt it and rubbed even more against it. He reached his hands up her shirt and pushed her bra up and grabbed her tits. Her nipples were hard. This made his cock ache with hardening pain. All the while that this was going on no one noticed. It was so crowded and the way girls were dancing no one could tell what was happening. The song ended. And a rock song started going up and everyone moved at rapid speed, jumping up and down causing Jeff and this girl to lose each other. Damn, he thought, there goes my chance. He left the room and went and sat down on the couch in one of the rooms. Breathing hard he thought about what happened. Just as eh was thinking a tap on his shoulder came. “Hi! It’s me Cindy.” Jeff jumped up, “Oh hey, what’s up?” As he asked that he recognized the shorts she was wearing and his heart leapt with joy. This was the girl he was feeling up he wasn’t able to see her face during the dance. He also wasn’t able to see her tits were monsters in school, she was bent over with her long hair the whole time that they were covered up while he was talking to her. “Nuttn much, enjoying yourself?” “You bet! Havn a great time.” She nodded, “that’s good, hey would you help me with a problem upstairs?” He said, “Sure, it’d be no prob.” “Thanks a lot!” She lead the way up the stairs and he watched her ass swing form left to right in her tight shorts. He wanted this girl really badly. He couldn’t let this opportunity slip away from him. She led him into a room and she stopped and picked up a wrapper by the bed. Jeff closed the door silently and locked it. He couldn’t hold back anymore. She stood and turned around and Jeff met her there with a kiss. She didn’t stop him, in fact she pulled him in, which surprised Jeff, but eh didn’t second thought it. He slipped his hand underneath her shirt in the back and caressed her back gently. He lifted off her tank top and moved his hand freely on her back. Rubbing her lower back causing her to arch her neck and breathe faster. He undid her bra from the back and slipped it off exposing the beautiful massive tits in front of him. He reached his hand onto one of them and squeezed it gently. He began to kiss her again. His crotch now up against hers he could feel she was wet and starting to soak. He liked this. He now moved his mouth onto her nipple sucking slowly. His face was engulfed in the massive tit. His hand reached onto the other one and gently pinched her nipple. She moaned a little. He pushed down her shorts and took off her thong, she was now completely naked. He stood and removed his shirt and pants leaving on his boxers which had a bulge in them. He reached his funger down into her pussy and started to finger her. His finger rubbed her clit, making her moan and moan. She asked him to speed up a little bit, he did moving his hand really fast. She screamed when she came. Moaning and breathing hard. She now was ready to see his master piece. She pulled off his boxers and exposed his seven inch wide cock. She saw a drop of precum on it and licked it off. She slid the big cock into her motuh and moved her head up and down, sucking on the head and shaft of the cock. She loved the taste and started to deep throat the cock. Making her choke a little bit but she loved it. She grabbed his ass and pulled him closer to her so she could get more of him. Jeff strted to moan. :”OOOOOOO im gonna cum, im gonna cum!!!” he screamed. “Wait! I wan tit on my face.” So he pulled out his cock and threw her on the bed. He stuck his cock between her two massive tits and started to titty fuck her. He always wanted to do this and now that he was he was loving it. His cock was lost in her tits and soon he felt the cum coming. He slipped his cock faster in between her tits. He screamed and hot cum jazzed out all over her tits and face. She licked it all off her tits and off her lips and off his dick. He dropped down to her pussy. He looked an saw her clit was swollen and needed attention. He stuck a finger in her and licked her clit. She immediatly started to moan. She placed her hands on his head and he stayed where he was sucking on her clit and licking it. She moaned and moaned and screamed loudly as he made her cum. His cock was ow hard and wanted attention again. He moved up on her and started sucking her tits. He stuck his cock inside her and started to thrust. He stretched out her pussy farther than it had ever been stretched before. She begged him to go faster. So he did. Making her come to the edge. She wanted him now and wouldn’t let him get away. She grabbed onto his ass pulling him in with each thrust. Jeff felt excited even more now that she grabbed his ass. Cindy gripped him so hard her knuckles went white as she came. She screamed and moaned with lust as her climax ran out. She flipped him over and straddled him. Jeff laid back and let her do the work. She moved up and down as if she was humping him and riding him like a horse. Jeff gripped her ass lie she did him and pulled her in faster. He sat up and started to suck her tits as he pulled her in faster. She started to scream and came again. Jeff now lost it. He unloaded his attach on her defensless pussy. He covered the inside with cum and it started to leak out. He leaned her back and fell on top of her again allowinig her to finish and he finally stopped unloading cum inside her. He fell limp, he was so amazed that eh had finally now had sex for the first time, but he thought there had to be more to it than this. She rolled off the bed and headed to the bathroom. He watched her ass swing and stared at it fully naked. This turned him on. He laid there for a minute regaining energy. She walked out and stood by the dresser fiddling with her thong. He couldn’t resist he got up and went and touched her pussy from behind he took the juices and rubbed them on her ass, his dick was now hard and wanted to fuck it. He leaned her over the dresser and stuck his cock into her beautiful ass. It took some slow finessing but eh got it in there slowly and took off as she said it was ok. He pumped her ass full of his hard cock. She screamed and clawed the edges of the dresser as she took it in her ass. She had never had a cock stretch her ass out like this b4 and she wanted it more. He rammed her ass with his cock. He grabbed her tits and squeezed as he thrusted she began to scream. He moved his hands to her hips and pulled her in with each thrust. She lost it she screamed and came, her climax surprised Jeff but eh didtn stop. He was close too. He kept fucking her until his cock could take no more. He unloaded his cum all over the inside of her. He screamed and his body twitched as he finished loading her up. They laid down on the bed embraced and his head leaning against her tit while playing woiht the nipple with his tongue.
The night ended with Jeff and Cindy hooking up. Cindy was a junior but didn’t care that he was a freshmen. She wanted more of what was ot come to Jeff when he grew up even more. Jeff now wasnt a jack off twice a day guy. From then on he and Cindy fucked three times a day after school!

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