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Me and my Teacher Part 1

He had me right where he wanted me and he knew it. I had to get an A in his class to keep my scholarships. And there was no way I could afford to stay at a private school with out them. After three weeks of class I was already behind. The only good thing was I had seen him watching me since the first day of class, I knew he wanted me. I asked him after class one day if he could see me the next day but I had to work during his office hours. He told me he would meet with me at his house at 7 the next night. He gave me his address and I told him I would see him the next day. The next night I rushed home from work and took a quick shower. Then I put on my black leather mini skirt with shear black tanks top. I also donned a black garter belt and put on a pair of black stockings. And topped the outfit off with a pair of 4 inch black heels that made my 5’6 frame look amazing and made me look like I was all legs. I knew I looked good. The black offset my blonde hair perfectly. And the bra I was wearing enhanced my 34c breast. I left off panties because I knew they weren’t going to stay on long. I was ready to go. I arrived at his house 20 minutes early. And when he opened the door I could see the lust in his eyes. They almost popped right out of his head. This was gonna be easier than I originally thought. He invited me in and we went to his living room and I sat on the couch while he sat in an arm chair across from me. I did a lose ankle cross making sure he had a small view between my legs. He ask me to tell him why I wanted to meet with him. I told him that I was really worried about my grade in his class. I really need an A I told him but I don’t understand the material and I was wondering if there was anyway he could tutor me outside of class to help me get an A. I saw him glance down at that point so I spread my legs a little more to give him a really good view of my naked pussy. He then told me he had a better idea. I asked him what that idea was. He said if I slept with him once a week for the rest of the semester he would give me an A. I gave a little smile and said ok, when would you like to start.
He stood up and told me now would be a great time to start because his wife was out of town caring for her mother who had become very ill and he hadn’t had sex in almost three weeks. I said ok now it is then. I took my hand and unzipped his pants to let his dick out it was huge. It was at least 9 ½ long and about 5 inches around. I asked him if he would like me to suck him off and said he would love it. I got down on my knees and started to play with his balls with my fingers. I ran my fingertips along the underside of his shaft and was rewarded with a shudder. I then took the head into my mouth. It felt sooo good. I slowly inched his cock into my mouth and fondled his balls while I was doing it. I got about half of it in before I felt it hit the back of my throat. I knew I was gonna deep throat him. I had to take all of that gorgeous cock into my mouth. I relaxed my throat muscles and slowly let him enter into my throat. I finally got him all the way down my throat and he let out a loud moan. I backed off of him and asked him if he would like to fuck my face until he came. He answered by wrapping his hands in my hair and shoving his cock back in my mouth. He fucked my face like I had never had before. After about 15 minutes he came down my throat. And I drank down all of that delicious sweet, salty cum.
To be continued

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