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Wet for Mr Clark

Nikki entered the classroom and sat down at her usual desk,normally the girls would talk about various subjects,but usually about their sex lifes.Nikki had spent the last 3 years hearing all the details of her friends intimate personal lifes,always desperately trying to change the subject.Shed only ever been with one guy,alex,he was the hottest guy in school but she found him unexcitable and like every other guy shed met,a little boy.Shed been seeing him for two months and spent their time together kissing.Thats all shed ever do with him,although word had got round the school that alex had had his way with the half spanish beautiful tanned english girl on a number of occasions.She decided to let the school and in particular her friends believe in what he was saying as to no sound like a prude.

Today,as her friends talked about the weekends horny events she got lost in a world of her own,dreaming about meating someone who would do for her what all her friends guys were doing for them.She hadnt even masterbated before,of course she got the need to,every second of the day her head filled with desires and feelings,but she so wanted her first orgasm to be with someone else.

The bell rang,the start of another day,hopefully her mind would be occupied by her work.Mr clark walked in and sat about his tasks for the period.

She had all but finished her assignment for the day,30 minutes before the class had finished,she breazed through the rest of the task and started to daydream again.Mr clark saw out of the corner of his eye that nikki,the 5,2 slim black haired girl who captured every red blooded mans (and probably womens) attention,had obviously finished her work and theirfore needed something else to do.

“ms maloney!,i take it as usual you have completed your task?”

“yes sir”

“i have another one for you,go to mr alexander’s office,hes off sick i know,but theirs a few papers from the younger students that need grading,you know what to do.”

As nikki got up and left the room,mr clark felt the same urge of desire as he always felt when seeing her tiny bum,her knicker outline obvious as his eyes watched her leave.His cock went rock solid as he wondered what colour they were.He had seen between her legs on a number of occasions,and had guiltily been masterbating about her since she was 14,a thing he was often ashamed of,but he just couldnt stop.

After only 5 minutes of correcting the students papers,she heard the door open,it startled her,she was quickly reasured by the presence of mr clark.

“just came to see how you’re doing”

“um,getting there sir,pretty straight forward,although theirs something in this paper i just dont understand”

Mr clark stood over her shoulder and read the problem to himself.”just leave that,i have no idea what that prat has done,ill have to sort it out later”

Again nikki smiled.Mr clark reached out and checked over the other papers,as he uttered to himself,making umm noises nikki’s knickers began to get wet,a feeling no one had ever induced upon her,not least this 43 year old man!

She started to have thoughts about him she had never had before,about any man!she had always thought shed end up gay,but there was no mistaking that feeling of her clit burning,droplets of her now soaking pussy making their way down her thighs.She started to go red in the face.”whats wrong dear?” “oh nothing sir,just feeling a little hot in hear thats all”

“you’re always hot”.He realised what he had just said and quickly appologised.His face began to brighten too,he became flustered and in this he knocked over the work nikki had been doing.He bent down to pick them up and saw directly up nikkis skirt,he couldnt take his eyes off what he was seeing,white cotton knickers,and they were wet!!!!he observed the outline of her pussy,he could almost see through them and the site of such a beautiful thing made him lose his self control.

His hand reached out and touched her knee,nikki jumped a little and looked angry and confused,but he didnt care anymore,this was enough to turn anyone to desperate measures.He knew he would probably end up being sacked from his profession for just that slightest touch on her soft gentle knee.He didnt care anymore,his hand continued up her leg till he got to her thigh,she let out a moan so soft and yet so powerful that he knew his luck was in,hed let her do it!

He thought to himself that shed let him kiss and finger her,but never actually let him do what he was about to.He knew she was seeing alex,he assumed she had been with him,it hadnt even entered his mind that she had never even beem touched down there by anyone,no one that gorgeous could not have been.

His hand got up to her knickers and he ran a finger where her opening would be,just as he did that suddenly got up,her face bright and tears in her eyes,she walked to the door,he started to panick and ran over and stopped her.

“get your hands off me,i wont do this!!!!”

“he couldnt help it,he pushed her agaisnt the wall hard and planted his lips on hers,she struggled tamely,she was so small and delicate that she didnt have a chance,his tounge entered her mouth and his hands gripped hers above her head.He stopped kissing her so he could get a reaction,she was breathing heavily now and he stroked her hair and face,she was so beautiful,he didnt want to harm her,he wanted to protect her forever.

She was still strugling with him as he pushed his body agaisnt hers,slamming her agaisnt the wall,he bent down and kissed her again,this time she let out a moan so sexy he knew he couldnt stop,neither could she now.With one hand gripping both of hers to the wall and the other creeping up her blouse to her amazingly firm and ripe tits,he pulled them out of her bra and started to carress them.The noises she was making made him harder than ever before and he reached down and unzipped himself and let loose his modestly 7 inch cock.He started wanking himself off furiously as his other hand realeased hers and took off her blouse,leaving her bra on her sucked hard on her nipples and again she moaned and sighed,she pleaded with him to stop,”you cant do this,no ones ever done this to me,you’re my teacher,i’m meant to be able to trust you”

He didnt say a word,hed gone to far to care now,his hands went up her skirt to the top of her knickers,and he pulled them down to her ankles,he waisted no time in sliding a finger inside her,she screamed as he did,he didnt understand why,but as it dissapeared inside her he realised this was the first time anyone had been inside her,it was tighter than he could ever imagine,how could only a finger be so had to get it,she was soaked too!he fucked her fast with it and started to play with her clit,after only 30 seconds he felt a rush of warm liquid and she appeared to have stopped breathing,her eyes now closed and her hands wrapped around his waist,he took it out,sniffed and licked it,the taste was so sweet and bitter that he just had to have her.

Her hands released him and she reached down to pull up her knickers and get herself sorted out as he held his finger to his tounge.He told her to stop,and made her smell his finger,she let out a huge moan and put her hands back around him.It was time.

He lifted up her skirt above her waist and parted her legs,she of course struggled but he had posistioned himelf between her,he lifted her up so he could get himself into her,the head of his cock touched her pussy for the first time and he thought hed cum right there,he tried slowly inching it in but it just wouldnt fit.She started to stuggle now and he knew hed have to force himself into her,or hed never get the chance.With one had lunge her put himself inside her,she was so tight again he thought hed cum,but he used all his will not to.She screamed so loud surely someone would hear,tears formed in her eyes again,he pulled it out and in again fast and hard she was the wettest tightest pussy hed ever have.He knew if she kept on making these noises someone would walk in,so he ripped off her knickers and shoved them in her mouth,her noises seemed louder now!!!!she must have enjoyed the sensation of inhailing her scent and tasting her juices so much.

He started to fuck her fast and furious,each lunge tearing her pussy apart,her head was thumping off the wall as he thrust deep into her.He couldnt take it anymore and with one last push shot his load inside her,dripping out of her already filled with juices sweet pussy.He gasped as he came,and she let out the most beautiful sound he would ever hear,as they both came together.

He took the knickers out of her mouth and put them in his pocket,if he never had her again,hed make sure he could always have something to remember her by,the best fuck of his life.She collapsed on the floor her legs wide open,and he could see her cum filled pussy for the first time.After a minute or two she got up,fixed herself up and sat back down to her work,he didnt say a word,he just left her to it,it was up to her now,if she said anything to anyone,or if she chose to come back for more,before he left she said that was the worst and greatest moment of her life,and that she would never forget him.

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