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Sexy Black 2

I love being me! I get more ass than the toilet seat and its alll so so good to me. If u dont remember me, im Marlon Carter. i told ya’ll bout me and Leila gettin it on. Now imma tell u how i got to nail this bad ass puerto rican mami in my town……

It was a typical day for me, wake up get showered and dressed and go to work deliverin for vinnies pizza palace. Im the best delivery man the got. im fast, good lookin and genuwinely an all aorund nice guy.

One day we get a call from this ritzy ass neighborhood called The Crecent Park Estates.
So as usual i go throught there and the houses up in there are just sick! u know u gotta be rich as hell to live in there, so anyway i get to this door steo and what do i see? this fine ass puerto rican goddess standin before me in a white tank top and some red booty shorts. this woman had to be maybe late 20’s early 30’s. “hey whats happenin? heres ur pizza and our complimentary buffalo wings. that’ll 10.50.” this woman wasted no time. “screw the food, how bout u serve me up that 10 1/2 inches of cock.” “excuse me?”
“yeah all the women in our club know about u fuckin leila sloan. ahe told us u were the biggest she’d ever had and reccomended u to all the women in the club.” “Aint all the women in that club married?”

“shes not and the rest of us have husbands who either have no time to fuck or their dicks are too small to fuck with. so u gonna fuck me or what?”

i put the food on a nearby table and shut the door.

“well since u want my dick so bad why dont u pull it out urself.”

This bitch was hot n horny and pulled my pants and boxerz down within a half minute and had about 8inched of it down her throat.

she started gaggin a lil bit then she pulled it out. she pulled the side of her shorts out of the way of her pussy and spread her legs.

“oh god fuck me hard, fast and right now” she practically screamed i pushed my dick in her and she was cumming before i started to stroke.

i started to fuck this woman like she was the last peice of ass i was gonna get for years. she rode me. i did her doggy. we fucked in every position possible. after about 20 mins she says ” fuck my asshole hard.”

I pulled out of her wet pussy and pushed my cock into her ass. she immediatley started buck and jumpin like crazy. “fuck fuck fuck ” she started moaning as i plowed her ass like a lunatic.
“fuck me hard baby, make me cum, make me cum!!”

all her talkin made me blow my load in her ass. i let go stream after stream of hot, sticky , cum

that made her lose it and she came all over my hand, which was rubbin her clit.

after we cleaned up and she cleaned my dick off with her mouth she said” Leila wasnt kiddin bout u papi. u fucked me better than my husband ever could. ill be callin vinnies very often.”

“wont he eventually catch on?” I asked

“he’s always out of town on business and i know he;s fucking around on me. last time he was home some bitch named samantha called asking for him.”

“well since i have off work tommorow, how about Me, You and leila have a lil fun here, say about noon?

“me and her have been waiting for this papi, were gonna give u somethin youll never forget.”

i wonder what that could be?

More soon……

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