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Your Cheerleader

Complete darkness surrounds you until a flash of lightning sends intense light flickering through the bedroom window. A fierce crash of thunder follows – as a symbol of the night’s fiery events. I tried my best to look cute for you. I start a healthy flame in the fireplace to provide just enough light for you to admire my body which is clothed in my red and white poms uniform. My short skirt barely falls over the tight curves of my ass. You signal for me to come closer, and I advance – the curls in my pig tails bouncing slightly with every step. Within touching distance, I appear nervous, to which you answer with a soft touch to my lips sending a stream of relaxed energy throughout my body. You whisper sweet words into my ear causing my nervousness to transform into confidence and excitement. I am now ready to show you more exotic bliss than you have ever known.

You cannot control your longing to touch my inner thigh and move your hand underneath my skirt. You want to feel the soft satin of my panties, but when you touch me, you feel only smooth skin. I know that your desire to tear off my clothes and throw me on the bed grows every time I tease you. After a split second, I gently pull away preparing to teach you exactly how sexy innocent girls can be. I turn on exotic music, appropriate for my upcoming performance. I am an experienced dancer. To the beat, my ass moves crisply, left to right, and right to left, causing my skirt to rise so close to my nakedness. My hands move up and down my body, grasping my PHS sweater. My facial expressions make my sensuality obvious. With grace, I pull off my sweater, revealing a black velvet bra. I walk to you and seat you on the edge of the bed, close to the table holding the bottle of champagne chilled in a bucket of ice. I straddle you and pull your shirt off so you can feel my velvet-covered breasts press against you. I reach for a glass of champagne and pour a small amount on your neck. It flows down your body as I slowly lick it off your chest – and then suck your champagne-drenched neck gently, then harder, and harder. I reach again, this time retrieving a chocolate-covered strawberry – as a thank you for the one fed to me blindfolded in our original fantasy. I hold it to your lips for a few seconds to witness your intense body heat soften the chocolate. I feed it to you, sending a quick chill down your spine every time my fingers come in contact with your lips. I reach to the side of the bed one last time, returning with a handful of ice cubes. I run an ice cube over your lips and then place it in my mouth. I kiss your neck as I run my freezing hands over your hard biceps. My chilled lips brush over your chest, then your stomach. You begin to sweat, and heat radiates from your body. The ice has melted. I order you to close your eyes, since blocking one sense causes enhanced ability in another.

Touch is powerful.

I unbutton, unzip, and slide your pants off. You feel my cold, wet mouth surround you. The unbelievable sensation causes your lips to part and you breath to speed. You heart beats faster, and your mind is overcome with pleasure. I tease your hard cock with my soft lips – kissing and barely touching. I lick you with my strong tongue – touching every inch and keeping you wet. You sense me looking up at you, and you open your hypnotic eyes. Our eyes lock – we need no words to communicate our passion. Again, my mouth surrounds you. You feel your cock deep in warmth. I suck gently – slowly I move my head up. I ask you how you want it – to which you respond, “Faster!” I suck you slightly faster, faster, and harder. I feel your right hand grab my head – your fingers gently scratching my scalp. I keep sucking you – exactly how you want me to. You scream my name and my excitement is made apparent by my low moan which you feel as a soft vibration. You can’t keep you body still. The bed begins to rock. We grasp each other’s bodies with great force. You let out a final moan and peer down at me witnessing your cum hit my tongue. I begin to suck you again. Your orgasm intensifies when you feel the muscles in my throat contract. You lose control of your body – digging your nails into my shoulders – consumed by chills and euphoria. You pull me up, kiss my forehead, and wrap your arms around me. We can feel our hearts beating – completely in sync.

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