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Dragon Infinity

gGohan, please donft!!h I screamed.
gShut up! Mother told me to punish you, and that is what I am doing.h Gohan replied sternly.
gThatfs not fair!! You never spanked Goten!!h I screamed back.
gNot fair? Do you think that fighting evil Saiyans, Frieza, Cell, Androids, Ginyu Force, and a lot more, are FAIR?h Gohan bellowed.
gBut Gohanch I sobbed. gVegita never does this to Judithch
hOh, doesnft he? Well, I think itfs a lot worse for her than for you.h Gohan said sternly.
gGohan, pleasec.h I pleaded again, with no effect.
gNo.h was all I got, as he got ready to punish me.
gNow,h he began, as he got hold of a tree. gGo onto the punishing horse!h
I grudgingly obeyed.
Gohan pulled about 5 long branches off the tree.
I thought, with my 6year old mind.
And boy was I wrong.
Gohan read my face, you see, and decided to use a more effective stance.
An energy whip. This can be created by a swarm of energy, almost like a jolt of electricity.
He dropped the branches, and headed for me.
He then, lifted up my dress, then my pants. He finally pulled off my panties.
He created an energy whip, and started to shuffle me around for a better target. A well spread thighs, and pointed-upward bottoms. Of course, I had no pussy then. I was a mere child.
I started to cry, sensing what was coming for me.
gGohanc please!!h I wailed. Of course, that had no effect what so ever, but to make him feel fiercer.
gNow, get ready.h He snapped. gBecause Ifm going to get you real hard this time.h
I was sobbing uncontrollably now, even with out the pain. The thought of what was coming was too much for a 6-year-old girl to bear.
And with our warning, he began.
One, two, three, the whip cracked through the air, and to my poor behind.
This energy thing hurts more than a birch, just to make sure you know. Even if youfve experienced a birch, you wouldnft have the slightest idea of the pain that this creation causes.
Gohan, with his great accuracy, never slowed down, or even take a break after 5 minutes. My cheeks were blazing now, and extremely hot, and pain stung like 5000 bees.
Each stroke of the whip was Hell.

Then, Gohan started using a different technique. By dropping the whip slightly downwards, he was able to slip the tip of the whip into my colitis, which causes extreme pain.
I yelped in agony, on his first try, winning him the match.
But he didnft stop there.
He was trying to be cruel to me, and he was doing very well at it.

As Gohan had said, Judith, my best friend was suffering a lot more than I was.
At Capsule Corp., Judith was also whining.
gFather, PLEASE!! Donft!! MOTHER!!! Where are you??h She desperately called for her mother, but she was not home.
gShut up girl. Your mother isnft home. She went out shopping with your sister and brother.h Her father, Vegita sneered.
gFatherch Judith was shut up by a gust of energy, blasting her to the back wall.
She was blacked out.

When she woke back up. She was laid onto a bed, completely naked.
Her feet were hung by two sets of chains and straps, which was about 3 feet apart, completely showing her sex.
Also as a six year old, she was not much of a lady, but that still gave her father a beautiful view.
Her bottom was slightly lifted off the bed, since the chain was shorter than her feet.
Her own father was standing not 50 meters away, his arms crossed.
gFa..Father???h Judith muttered stunned. gWhat are you doing to me??h
gPunishing you for your rudeness, disgracefulness, disobedience, and all of the other things that was going on.h Vegita replied.
gFather, you never did this to me before!! You believed in copal punishment!! Not sexual!!h She protested.
gAnd you have no right to argue with me.h Her father sternly replied. g I do as I wish.h
Being a Prince made his head go in the wrong direction was Judithfs idea.
gNow, I will begin your punishment.h

Vegita first took off a metal bar off a cart that Judith hadnft noticed no more than 3 feet from the bed.
He then, came to the now sobbing girl. He started to hit her cheeks hard with the bar.
gAHHHHHH!!h Judith screamed. The bar stung. This was no mere metal bar, it was heated.
When Vegita was satisfied, (which was about 5 minutes later.) He put down the bar.
Judithfs bottom was now beautifully polished. In the nice shades of the sunset. Shades of purple, red, and pink.

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