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Royal Pain

Her face was fixed in an eternal pout, even when smiling. Her eyes lowered inquisitively while looking up at you. Her body was always in motion, as if she were in a constant state of agitation. It was as if she lived beneath her own personal storm cloud and the difference between a good day or a bad one was not rain, but whether lightening would strike.

He would watch her. She would talk and laugh but he could see in her eyes it was always from a distance. Often times she would slip off alone, and he could see her fight to contain her irritation when discovered and reminded that she was not to go anywhere unescorted. He’d come to think of princesses as spoiled, overgrown little girls, and as much as she was that, he could see a fire in her that almost seemed annoyed to be so.

Inevitably, they were unable to keep her from wandering off unescorted, and so, as he would be there for a while, it was decided he would be her chaperone. Had she been any other he would have resented this arrangement greatly. He had grown so tired of having these beautiful brats pushed on him simply because he was eligible. He could see that she felt no different. She was coolly polite, but he could see those dark eyes brooding and sullen. He said nothing to her, simply walked by her side wherever she went. She would play little games like stopping frequently in mid-stride to see what he would do. Or she would climb all the way up the stairs to the very top floor and suddenly change her mind and wish to go back down. He knew she was making a mockery of him, but he held his tongue patiently.

After a while she began to speak to him. They were typical coy little questions, and he knew they were still simply part of her games. Her eyes would sparkle and she would flit around him. In all honesty she really was amusing him. That is until she disappeared. He escorted her to her chamber as she wished to lie down, and he took the opportunity to rest his tired feet. Two hours went by and she had not made her way back to the main room, so he went to check on her and found her bed untouched. He could feel the heat rising up in his throat. He thought about having a search sent out for her, but before he did he’d check one place first.

There was a beautiful guest house off the courtyard, and sure enough, there she was, alone, curled up in front of the fire, hair slightly damp from the rain, blanket wrapped around her, reading. She looked up at him with a bland expression on her face and closed her book with a sigh. He just stood there. His eyes blazed right through her and she fought to keep her composure as she rose to her feet.
“I suppose you’re very upset with me, I couldn’t sleep, so I came out here to read. Shall we go?”

He didn’t move. He held her gaze, and watched her fidget nervously with her books. She tossed her hair and walked determinedly towards him aiming to make it to the door, but he caught her arm gently but firmly. She was so taken back that she forgot to resist as he guided her to sit beside him on the couch. Her eyes began to glower as he simply sat there looking at her. “We’re going to be late” she said in a flat even tone.

His voice filled the room as he spoke. He took her hand in his and held it firmly and looked into her eyes. “I have allowed you to treat me like a fool all day, walking me as if I were your dog. I understand we do not always get the choice of who accompanies us, and that can be frustrating. I can put up with a little frustration, I think I’ve proved that well to you today. But this, you little brat, is where my patience ends. Believe it or not, I am concerned for your safety, which is why you are never to be alone.” His eyes were warm and shot through her as did the gentle yet firm tone of his voice. She felt her face grow red hot as she stared into those penetrating eyes.

His hand reached out and stroked her cheek lightly and his eyes locked on hers as he took her chin in his hand. “Its ok little girl, I understand, I hope you’ll understand as well.”

Suddenly he reached over and set her tummy down against his thighs. She felt like fighting him, but something about the way he had looked at her overrode her own willfulness. She felt him pulling up her gown, and anxiety riddled through her stomach. She had seen the young maids spanked, but never in her life had she been in such a situation. Her anxiety turned to panic as she felt his fingers slip into the waistband of her panties and slide them down, revealing her bare bottom. Just as her will was about to take over, and her body tensed to fight him, she felt his hand stroke her hair and heard his soothing voice again.

“Its ok. I care a great deal for you, now try to remember that.” She felt tears well up immediately in her eyes. She suddenly felt drunk and dizzy. She was as perplexed about the queer ache in her heart as she was over being held like a maid over this man’s lap about to be spanked.

He held her firmly and began warming her bottom with mild spanks. He watched as she drew deep breaths, making not one sound, staying so obediently in place. The spanks began to sting a little, he knew that, and watched her begin to react, her bottom squirming under his hand, the pink blush on her cheeks growing a little deeper. Bewildered little whimpers escaped her lips, but she made no attempt to fight him. He was amazed. He never expected a princess to take a spanking so well. He spanked harder, and felt her body shaking as she began to sob. He stopped for a moment and stroked her hair and spoke gently to her as she cried. “Its okay, you’re being so good, I know it hurts.” With that he continued bringing his hand down on her sore bottom as she squealed and kicked her legs wildly. He was almost amused as he watched her bouncing over his knee. This was how he expected a princess to react from the start. He placed a few to the tops of her thighs, and then back across her bottom once more, until she was sobbing and pleading with him.

He stopped and gently caressed her tender skin. “Shhhh its all over now little one”. She sobbed deeply, lying limply over his knee as he soothed her sore bottom with his hand.

“I’m sorry Sir”, she whispered through her tears. He smiled and kept stroking her softly for a moment and then lifted her onto his lap. Her arm draped around behind his neck, and he cradled her gently as she cried against his shoulder.

They sat there in silence. He would have been happy to have held this girl in his arms all night, but it was dinnertime and they’d soon be discovered if they didn’t make it back. He helped her to her feet and straightened her clothes. He reached out and stroked an unruly curl from her face and looked at her. She had a peaceful but far away look in her eyes, and he left her to her silence as they walked back arm in arm.

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