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The Corset ………….Part 3


As she lay prone and panting, he very red inflamed and tender ass squeezing together, trying to prepare ………. He asks her as he holds his hand up high;” Do you know why I said Five minutes more, and not 10 or 50 or 100 more!?” No, I don’t she softly replies, but I know you have your reasons, and I don’t question them ……….AHHHH, much better he reflects, she is almost there ………Because my sweet Goddess I can deliver 100 swift brisk and oh so deliberate swats in under ONE minute………or I can be gradual and taxing, arranging your torment at random. Afflicting you with slow and painful, but invigorating strikes. But you wont know will you ??????
You think you will, your mind will torment you with thoughts of: Ok, this isn’t going to be too bad, as I start off slowly and methodically, but of course quite suddenly I might change the pace, and your mind will scramble…………as it is right now while I speak these words to you and reveal to your inner depths, just how well I do know you. You see my Provocative and Teasing Whore; I know this is what will finally bring you to your repose.
You mind gathering it all in……….the anticipation, the mystery, the questions: How much, How hard, How soft, How LONG ?????

“FOREVER” Lover …….because you exist to serve and belong to only

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ME ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

With the words hanging in the air he seizes her tender ass and squeezes the inflamed flesh. Knowing the pain is bringing heat to her center…….A liquid fire as the pain from her sore ass flesh radiates directly to between her legs. He reaches over with one hand, while the other continues to pull her cheeks up and roll them while pinching with perfect pressure. He dips his hand into the iced tea on the table and picks up the ice that has almost melted; he cups it into his palm and languidly lays his palm over her burning skin. She gasps at the sensation, furtively trying to sqwrim away from it. He has her in a vice like grip still……….. His strong leg scissors over hers. The ice melts immediately from the heat of her red ass. Her thoughts are tumbling at the powerless fury of wanting more. He rubs the icy liquid over her entire bottom, making it glisten and shine. She flinches knowing why he is doing this, it will magnify the sting. As that thought presents itself to her mind, it is swiftly replaced by the sharp bite of his hand coming down and connected to her ass flesh. The sound echoing in the room, as the next one comes, and the next, he lands them with precise judgment. Sometimes in the same place, always keeping her on the edge. Because she knows with-in her depths that he is purposely changing his positioning as well as strength of each blow, she also realizes with absolution that she does belong to him. Only he knows what she needs; only he can bring her to this place of quintessence. As this wonderment sinks in, it is as if he knows for he begins paddling her harder. He brings his strong hand down with measured grace……….the biting sting now bursting her open with magnificent light exploding into brilliancy.

She is crying, the tears softly falling………They are tears of wonderment………The sweet pain, the expansive love she has for this man, the exquisite magic of their combined spirits.

He is filled with delirious and unspoiled rapture, this beautiful women who rocks his world, who fills his mind with ravenous thoughts of her sensuality, grace, and willfulness. He helps her to her feet, she is wobbly and swaying, her body like clay as he molds her closely, wrapping her beauty with- in his strong embrace. He brings her chin up with the tip of his finger and loses himself in her eyes. The naked and pure adoration he sees stirs him to his soul. He gently wipes away her tears, and lowers his face to her beautiful full lips. He kisses her thoroughly, longingly, losing himself in her exquisite beauty. Their tongues meet, sensually dancing in and out around the other, mimicking the rhythm of wanton fucking to come. He withdraws his tongue, his lips still on hers, and bites her lower lip with just enough pressure to remind her of her position. He then takes her by the hand to follow him to his bedroom. She shyly and demurely walks behind him………

As they walk down the hall, a perfect picture of Master, with his now shy submissive in tow he looks at the clock on the wall,
Oh yes, a little over 5 minutes to deliver to her the sweetness, he wonders to himself, does she know that it has just begun ?

He leads her to the edge of the bed where he sits her down; as her bottom connects with the cool fabric she winces at the pain brought forth. He sees her discomfort and although it hurts him that he inflicted this, it also pleases him for he knows she desperately needed it. He lays her back on the bed and begins to run his hands slowly up her legs incased in the silky stockings, he reaches her wet essence and does not waste time as pulls aside her thong and buries his face there. Her moans of ecstasy fill the room. He can feel the heat of her ass radiating onto his face; he slips his hands under her ass raising her up to meet his eager burning tongue. The tenderness on her perfectly spanked ass makes her cry out as he grabs her hot ass cheeks, lifting her further into his mouth. He squeezes her burning flesh as he delves into her moistness with his slippery tongue. The sensations bring her almost immediately to orgasm………..but he does not let her cum yet. He backs away as she whimpers in protest. He comes up to lie across her and guide her to the head of the bed, as he slips his hands under her upper arms. As she slides up, her inflamed ass rubs across the comforter and the pain makes her croon. He begins to unfasten her garters, methodically sliding her nylons off. When he reaches her foot, he takes her glorious shoe off and slips the nylon off her foot. He then replaces her shoe. He repeats this with her other leg. So long and so smooth her legs, he needs to see them stretched up high and wrapped around her shoulders. Opening and exposing all of her to him, with the magnifecent pumps glowing in the dim light of the sun setting. He slides back up over her, trailing her nylons in his hand behind him. He lifts her left arm above her head and ties it securely with her nylon, the look on her face registering the surprise. She slightly protests when he grabs her other arm, but it only takes one intense glare from him and she concedes completely. When she is secured with-in his expert knotting, he kneels across her prone body to her neck, where he begins to nibble and deliver sensual wet kisses. She can feel his hot, soft, and rigid cock lightly grazing her body. He finds her ear where he slowly flickers his tongue in and out, teasing her with the rhythm . She begins writhing, her hips moving up and down on their own accord. Moaning loudly, her feminine voice starts pleading……. “PLEASE take me, please fill me, I can not stand it any longer.” He blows into her ear where the moisture from his tongue is instantly cooled, sending deciduous shivers down her spine. He tells her in a very low voice as his hand finds her silken folds and begins to play. “You were very bad, and although you were properly punished for your behavior I want you to remember it, so that it does not happen again. Therefore you will remain in your corset; you will wear it while I fuck you, you will wear after I am done fucking you, and then you will sleep in it, for when you wake up I am going to fuck you in it again.” “As you feel it binding into you uncomfortably, you will remember the depths of bondage I hold you in.” His hand then leaves her silken folds and grabs the wet tiny piece of material lying between her crevices, and pulls it up very tightly and sharply………causing a sigh of pure abandonment from her. He leans back down and begins to remove her thong, now so nicely tucked into her wet crevices. He slips it over and under her, catching it on her ass on purpose, as he slips it off. He then tells her to raise her legs high, and open them as far as they will go. She tentivly begins to do as instructed……To emphasize his demand he forcibly cups her hot ass cheeks and pushes them up high and over her shoulders. He leans on her legs pushing them far apart……..Totally exposing her glistening glory, open and begging for his hard entrance. And he is hard, and so ready to plunge into her. But first he must taste of her again. His tongue and mouth literally vibrates and buzz’s as he lays his lips on her clit, while his tongue dances into her wet opening. He finds her clit standing out proudly for her master, and he begins to nibble. So softly at first, then with increasing pressure, rolling her clit between his teeth. He bites down with agonizing pressure, producing a sound from her that is animalistic in nature. His finger finds her wet and silky opening, and he plunges into her, with out grace, finger deeply probing in and out, and then two fingers, and then three ………………..

He feels her glorious body motion and knows she is there. Her arms are straining against the restraints, her muscles standing out. Her thighs are quivering, and she knows she is to hold them high, but the delirious sensations are making it hard to do so. As she is ready to descend, he pulls his fingers out abruptly, and releases her clit from his teeth. Coming up to look at her, his gazes deeply into her eyes, he tells her in a harsh tone; “You my little slut do not dare cum until I tell you to do so, if you do so promised punishment WILL follow.” His hands find her nipples, both standing out so erect and hard thru the soft material, he reaches under her breasts and pulls them out and over the top of the corset, the wire underneath now pushing them up as they beg for him. He then expertly pinches one nipple in each hand very hard, sharply and slowly he bears down with relentless pressure. That does it for her, as he knew it would. She has been just barely hanging on the edge……….. Her legs come down of their own accord, her upper body strains up and she begins to cum with explosive intensity. Her whole body writhing and shaking. She moans incoherently, “I am soooo sorry, I could not help it, please do not punish me…….I will not do it again, I promise, please, please …………Oh NO !!!!!!”

He watches her come down from her summit, and when she opens up her eyes to look at him………..He sees the shame, the impending punishment she knows she has earned is vivid in her depths.

“He speaks gently and firmly to her………. “YOU DISOBEYED ME MY SLUT, you know you are NEVER to cum until I give you specific permission to do so!”
I COULD NOT stop it, she rants………….I tried so very hard not to do so, but my body betrayed me……I Will make it up to you. I PROMISE! She begs…….. “Please let me make it up to you”
He looks at her with impervious purpose, and sternly replies:

“Your body is mine; your pussy, your ass, your mouth, your sight, your movement…”
“Your mind………….they belong to ME,
YOU WILL ADDRESS ME AS MASTER !!!!!! And you WILL make it up to me slut, not because you wish to do so, but because I COMMAND YOU to do so.”

I am going to untie you from the bed my beautiful whore, and lead you to the edge of the room, right over there he points. I want you to look at the ceiling, do you see right there under the beam? Her eyes follow his hand and try to focus in the diminishing light. She can barely make it out……It appears to be an eyelet of some sort, maybe brass? It is about 4″ inches wide. Artfully hidden out of view. She watches intently as he rises and walks over to the corner, and pulls down from this place……………….a rope. As the rope descends, she can see dangling at the end of the rope, are attached two wrist cuffs…..He gingerly and sensuously rubs his hand slowly up and down the length of the rope, to the cuffs, and he begins to almost fondle them. He looks back over to her, laying prone and tied to the bed, her eyes blazing thru to him, glowing in the darkening light of the room. He tells her in a soft, deep, menacing tone “These cuffs here, they have your name written all over them my disobedient little whore! I am going to bind you to this rope, your arms stretched high above your body, stealing your movement,
Then I am going to blind fold you and steal your vision,
THEN …………I am going to punish you for a long time with a plethora of whips and toys.”

” When I AM SATISFIED you have learned your lesson, we will test it, and see if you cum when I COMMAND YOU TO DO SO!!!!!
You cum before that, we will start all over! “Do you understand and hear me clearly, my precious submissive?”

“Yes Master ………..I understand completely, I will not disappoint you again”

Wonderful he says, as he saunters back over to the bed to gather his slut for her due punishment …………………………………………………….
His cock is proudly standing tall and rigid, and she finds her eyes glued to his magnificent throbbing hardness,
She does not know it yet,

But before he unties her, he is going to fuck her hard and ruthlessly with his burning cock buried to her hilt, and relieve himself before he whips his sweet begging ass again. He will cum quickly, for he has been ready for a long time………..He will make sure he is not there long enough for her to pleasure herself again, just long enough for him to cum. And just as he is ready, he will withdraw himself from her wet inner folds squeezing him involuntarily to stay longer, and straddle her face demanding with his hard cock for her other hot and wet inner crevice, to milk him dry; as he buries himself to the very back of her throat! Reminding her that:

Her sensuous mouth belongs solely to him………….

To Be Continued with Final Chapter.

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