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The Corset >>> Part 2

The Corset ………………….Part 2

She finds herself unceremoniously draped across his lap; his right leg comes up and secures her legs tightly in-between his. Raising her bottom even higher into the air. He adjusts her balance, so she is firmly held in place. Her head is almost touching the floor, arms extended out in front searching for balance. Her very long legs are stretched out behind her, the tips of her provocative pumps pushing into the floor, making the back of her thigh muscles stand out. Her whole body is tense, he can see the quiver of anticipation skirting across her back and ass. The ripple of tissue is dancing on her derriere as she tries to prepare for what was is coming. She feels the warmth and hardness of his thighs pushing into her, his crisp hairs ticking her. His erection so evident as she feels it throbbing against her skin. This thrills her to her very core, knowing she has this power to make him so rigid for her; however the trepidation of what is coming, quickly steals the fleeting moment of glee from her. He begins to reprimand her in a strong stern voice, the echo of his words piercing her deeply.

“Did she know why she was in this position?” “Did she fully understand the folly of her behavior?” “Did she deserve to be spanked until her bare ass was red and *marked* for him?” “Did she realize what such shameful and untamed actions brought forth?” “Did she see… that she was NEVER ………… in control?”


She answered meekly “Yes” to each question, barely whispering the word. The last one she had not yet answered……….FUCK NO…. she wasn’t ready, but it didn’t really matter did it? She as of yet has not fully submitted, and already has delicious visions of teasing and provoking him again! His hand begins to caress her bare ass, as his forcefull, potent words reach her:

“Because you chose to delay in answering the last question, I will add five minutes more, those five minutes will not start until you are shuddering and begging me to stop!” “OMG she gasps, you can’t be serious?” His reply begins with a sharp, painful slap to her upturned ass, followed by “You need to listen to me carefully; your smug, patronizing demeanor STOPS here!” And with that he lays into her with rapid, unfaltering blows. The pain is penetrating and deep as her ass begins to color; she is squirming wildly trying to move away from the punishing smacks. He only tightens his grip on her, seizing and holding her down harder. He delivers an exacting slap to the back of her thigh, right where it meets her ass. She jumps convulsively at the unexpected move, the sting so different here……..He decides he likes the vivid reaction and wants to see her red here as well, wants to make completely sure when she sits down for the next week she will remember, so he slaps her sharply on back of her other thigh, his palm cupped slightly to lift her skin. Back and forth he swats her, the sound vibrating in the room. Then back to her magnificent globes, so round and perfect, beginning to color nicely. He covers every inch of her with masterful exaction. Never in the same pattern, always keeping her on a torrent edge. The pain is so unadulterated and pure; bringing her senses to the edge, where she is with-in a delirious prism of light, brilliantly encompassing her psyche. He senses where she is at, and begins to gently stroke the inflamed skin. She shivers and is covered in goose flesh from his tender administrations; her mind is infused with a culmination of searing colors. This act of complete tenderness is what brings forth the tears. She is faithfully subdued and exposed, crying openly and promising to never indulge in such wanton behavior again. All the while she is professing her wrong doings, he is languidly fondling her…………..He hands feels the heat his spanking has produced, her skin radiating fire, as he deliberately reaches down between the crevice of her ass, and feels her ass begin to relax. She innately raises her sore red bottom to allow him better access, and he follows suit. Finding her sensual folds with his masterful fingers he feels her drenched in satiny dew; and his fingers begin to slide into her with ease. So silky sweet and slippery. He plays there for awhile here, in and out, starting slowly and then gradually fucking her faster with his fingers. He takes his wet fingers and rubs up the crevice of her ass, moistening her tight rear opening, and artfully begins to push her open slightly. Starting in tiny little circles, around her rim, loosing her more and more. Her moans of ecstasy prod him on, as he dips his finger back into her saturated pussy, slowly transferring the glossy liquid back to her sweet ass to allow for deeper penetration. He watches as his finger slowly slides in, her tight muscles bearing down hard. He feels the constriction of her ass wrapping around the tip of his finger; and it sends waves of delight to his hard member. He fights of the carnal desire to throw her on the floor and take her then and there. She is gyrating unashamedly up and down in his lap, her tears having dried. The feel of his finger pushing into her, sends galvanizing waves of pleasure to her whole being. With great struggle he pulls his finger slowly out of her ass, her moans of protest not helping. She whispers in a raspy lust filled voice, “OH PLEASE, PLEASE don’t stop!” “I need you there, I need more, harder ….. Please give me more” ………..she pleads almost incoherently.

“Are you begging me my love, do you want me to continue to tantalize your ass……..Maybe insert my thumb in your ass, all the way in like this, while my hand cups under and my fingers fondle your mound of exposed nerves right here?” As his hand begins to rhythmaticaly play her, she pleads with expansive crooning……..Oh Yes, Please don’t stop, I want to cum so badly! Her hips rise up high to implore him for more…Thrashing up and higher, back and forth ………….Anything to keep his hand there and bring her release!

He tells her in a voice dripping with sarcasm:

“I told you that you would receive five more minutes of firm spanking on your sore, fully blossomed ass, when you begged me to stop! Do you remember my love? Don’t you wish now that you would’ve answered me more promptly?”

“I do believe you are begging! ”

And with that his hand leaves her silken and saturated inner folds,
Raising his arm as he aims for her emblazing ass …………………..

* To be continued *

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