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The Corset………..Part 1

The Corset …………….. Part 1

He is patiently awaiting her arrival. He has promised to upgrade her laptop for her. As he thinks of her, he feels himself grow hard. He sees in his minds eye, her attired in a tight corset, her breasts so warm and pliant, straining against the silky fabric. Her nipples are erect, and begging to be touched and fondled. He can feel his mouth on them as they grow and expand around his tongue. He watches himself running his hands down her sides, to her hips, feeling for the garter belt. The thong is resting tightly in her ass as he reaches around behind to squeeze her magnificent ass.
She is moaning and straining, encouraging him to grab her derriere, and pull her close.

Quite suddenly he is pulled out of his revere by the door bell,,,,,,,He looks down and touches himself realizing he is very uncomfortably hard. He goes to the door and lets her in. She reaches up to hug him and say hello, as she does so she feels his erection. So hard, and the heat of him immediately brands her. She quickly pulls away; remembering why she is here .It is so very difficult not to imagine him inside of her. She is hungry to feel his searing heat deep inside! Gathering herself she backs away, and starts idle chit chat.

He sits down at the table with her laptop in front of him, ready to install the CD. She stands behind him and watches. She can smell him, and as she absorbs the scent she is consumed with insatiable craving. She finds her hands begin to touch his back; running her hands up and down, sensually kneading his muscles. He sighs with pleasure and relaxes back into her touch… Methodically she moves her hands around to the front of him, and feels his chest. She can feel the crisp texture of his hair thru his t-shirt. The hardness of his chest excites and envelopes her. As she slowly grazes over his nipples they become hard, so she gently rakes her nails back across them. She feels him tremble and his breathing become ragged. Down her hands go to find his thighs, to massage and manipulate them. His now ridged cock is standing up, and straining to be free from the tight constriction of his shorts. She brings her hands back up to find what she is desperate to touch and feel. The heat from her hands seeps thru the material of his shorts. He can feel her breasts straining against his back, and pushes back into her. As he does so he realizes that through her blouse, he can feel the corset. It immediately excites him. Could it be? Could she be tightly wrapped up, waiting for him to give her release? Her nipples are hard, and he feels the moistness of her skin through the fabric. Her scent is everywhere, invading his senses. She finds his hardness and runs her hands slowly over him, feeling him thru his shorts, so hard and begging to be free and unrestrained. Up and down she rubs, slowly increasing the pressure. He can take it no more. He turns around in the chair and pulls her down to straddle him. Adjusting and hiking her skirt up to accommodate the position. He runs his hands up and down her legs, feeling the silky smoothness of her nylons. Up to the top of her thighs, to find the garter belt. The friction and heat of his hands excites her. He pulls one of the straps up high and snaps in sharply onto her thigh. The immediate redness on her alabaster white skin sends a licentious fire to his groin. She can feel her lavish moisture begin to flow. Her reaction does not go unnoticed, so he grabs hold of the strap on her other thigh, and begins to pull it, her eyes are glued on his hand as he stretches it as tight as it will allow without breaking, and he lets it go! The sting on her tender thigh brings forth a gasp from her! She looks up and meets his eyes, the promise of domination and sweet pain is lurking there. Her self assurance begins to falter, as he knew it would. He begins to unbutton her blouse, and reveals the corset. One button at a time he works, prolonging the fact. Her breasts are spilling over, demanding to be fondled. He unhurriedly bends his head down and finds her nipple, barely covered by the shinny fabric; she pushes hard against him, arching her back, pleading with joyous body motion for more. And he eagerly and deliberately teases her. The wetness from his hot mouth leaving a mark on the silk. Feeling her deep ache, as her breath begins to labor, he gives her more. She moans from deep within her throat as he increases the pressure with his mouth, slightly biting her. Giving here just enough pain to increase her desire, and to tease her with the poetic justice of punishment to come. She begins writhing on his lap, and he moves to the other breast to administer the same sweet torture. He applies his tongue in languid wet circles, her nipple rock hard and so sensitive…….He pulls it between his teeth, and with delayed anticipation he bites down leisurely with measured pressure. She moves swiftly back and away, and rises up to stand in front of him. She knows she has the power here, and is temporally glorifying in it. He is enjoying her patronizing and condescending behavior; let her continue with her artful and clever tease, the ruse was soon to be over! He feels himself throbbing with anticipation as she shrugs off her blouse. She reaches behind and unzips her skirt, leisurely pushing it down over her ass and thighs. She steps out of it, and watches his gaze take all of her in. She watches as he sensually drinks the sight of her: A tight corset, binding her voluptuous breasts; Ahhh such smooth, delicate soft skin, a thong tightly nestled in her ass, a garter belt with nylons attached, and as his eyes finish absorbing her, he knows he will not allow her take of the 3″ come fuck me pumps………Oh no, he wants to look up and see those pumps above her head, when he decides to fuck her senseless. For now though he will let her continue her little game. Let her be smug and continue to bury herself more deeply into the world of trouble, she is about to encounter before the afternoon is over…………

She droops to her knees and begins to unbutton his shorts, sliding them and his underwear off, and guiding him to sit back down. She runs her hands up the inside of his thighs, exploring the texture of his skin. The hair soft yet crisp, the contrast of texture thrilling her. She moves her way up to lightly run her hands across his hardness. She finds and holds him between her soft hands and begins to move up and down unhurriedly. She bends her head down and begins to kiss his inner thighs, his scent making her feral and reckless. She trails her kisses with her tongue, and can feel him begin to breathe deeply. Tiny, flickering, little movements. Licking him so he is wet with her moistness. He watches and looks down her back and can see the top of her thongs, the garter belt wrapped around her waist, and the nylons attached, her sweet ass begging for overdue discipline. Her body is swaying and in rhythm with his. She works her way to his cock, so erect and hard, waiting for her. With meticulous care she begins at the base of him and runs her tongue up and down, making him slick and wet. His hips begin to move up and down…………and he leans his head back and closes his eyes to revel in the sensations. Suddenly, without warning she takes all of him in her mouth with one fast movement, savoring the taste of him. He gasps at the sensation, and pushes up to give her all of him. Her mouth is hot, and her tongue is like velvet, swirling around the top of his manhood. She begins to move faster, and wraps her lips tighter around him. Her mouth is so sweet and hot; like liquid velvet. He can feel the back of her throat, and wants to explode into it, feeling her throat tighten as she milks every last drop. She innately realizes this and slows down, bringing her mouth to the very top of his cock and stopping there. He arches his back trying to move up and back into her satiny mouth. As he strains closer, she moves away. Teasing him, letting just the very tip of him inside her mouth as she gently grazes him with her teeth. Moving then down to gently lick his balls, and find each one as she so very slowly and gently inserts it into her mouth, gradually and with sodden leisure she works back up with her tongue; tracing his hardness. Once again she startles him as she in one swift movement completely takes all of him, encouraging him to cum as she increases her speed, making sure he is all the way in, she buries her face to the base of him, she so desperately wants him to feed her. And he knows what she wants, but her wicked amusement is now over!!!!! He impulsively grabs her head as he imprisons her hair tightly in-between his fingers, and forcefully removes her mouth from his cock. She is so surprised and as she looks up to him, she sees the dreadful forbearance unveiled! He briskly takes hold of her, and before she knows what has happened, turns her over his knee rendering her helpless. She has been a very bad girl, and he is going to teach her what happens to bad girls when they unmercifully tease their
man !!!!!!!


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