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My name is christina i have liked this guy Michael for 11 months…michael wasnt the type of person who wa attracted to my physiciclly but we did enjoy the fact of joking around some times he was 1 of my best friendz and could be trusted with my life so i didnt get upset about the fact of not having him give me an orgasm or n e type of other pleasure cuz i new the time would cum

It was around 9 pm on saturday nite my paretns were at a wedding my brother was at my cuzinz so i was home alone…i new i was getting a visit so i had made my self feel nice and comfotabel by wearing my blanck sily thong with the matching black bra that was see thro but had a star directly on the nipples it was most wonderlful piece of clothing n e 1 could wear…but i didnt want to make it too obviuos so i had a night gown on top..silky and see thro..the doorbell rings…i left it unlocked so mike to come in as i sat watching some movies on the tv he came to join me…after abouot 10 months i started getting hot just looking at him..he was always dressed in the way it can turn u on…i got so hot i started flurterring the nightgown showing i was hot…michael looked at me with these dazy eyes staring at my size 38 d boobs it felt good getting his attention for more then 5 sec which is wat i normally got,,,i asked michael to follo me into my bedroom where i had a box…we opened it still starring at each other but we turned out eyes down for just a secend to the selection of porn movies that were there…michael chose 1..and we went to watch it…i was admirein the tv soo much enjoying every suck the man would pplease his lady friend with…i was enjoying the cock sucking…mm it looked amzing..i wasnt the only 1 admire it tho mike had his eyes glue to the tv finally he kept starring at me as ifhe was trying to tell me something, i new so badly that we were think the exact same thing, which was to try this out on each other, we coldnt keep our distance at the same time we leaned over and kissed pasionatly after that it got fircehe had placed his long wet nice flavoured tounge inside my mouth and was whirling it along my walls of the mouth feeling so good..i couldnt hold back so i pasiontly kissed him along …our tounges feeling every ounce of joy..from this point i new it was only going to get better..he threw me down on to the sofa..he was on top of me slowing kissing down my neck until ke came all the way to my pussy…he anted to c it..he wanted to play wiht it..slowly i sat up letting him pull the night gown over my head , he then admired my breasts he had cupped them with his hand and slid them to the back to undo my bra.. finally the bouncing of them turned him on he bagan to suck lick squezze itz as if an infant were geting milk from the mother he was doing it so hard i felt intence pain but i had to hold it in…but it was so strong i stopped him..i then kissed his lips again feeling wonderful…i had to undress him i needed hi cock so at this point he was naked but i remaind with my soaked panties,,,,we now were drifted off to the bedroom kissing the way there…he layed me on the bed and la beside me kissing me all the way down panties were wet of my wnderful juice..michael then spread my legs open and admired the scenery..he cold tell i was wet and knew i liked it..he tried to tease me by rubbing my thighs and getting higher and higher to my clit..he then slit off my wonderful wet thong and massged the outside of my shaved pussy with 2 of his fingers..eventually he couldnt reisit he stuck them inside as high as possible whirling them around he new i was aboutt o explode so he took them out and began licking sucking drinking everything…he replied that it tasted like cinamon…i then came up with an idea..we walked to the kitchen and got whip cream cherries and everything…i licked his cock for a while and then covered it in honey whip cream cherries and he did the same to my titz n my pussy …i wanted to ride mikes face so bad that wen we got back to the bedroom i had him lie down then i layed the oposite way so my pussy was over his mouth and my mouth was over his nice LONG wet cock..i began going at it so fasst,,i luved honey whip cream cheery and cock so it was all good…i was licking sucking taken it all of till it was bare i was moaning and having so many orgasms cuz of mikes toungue tickling me and turnme on…we were then finshed all the desert….so i turned around and started humpng him..he shoved his dick up me so fast we were going at it like crazy….the night went on and on and on…finally the night came to an end…it was da best dream ever…hopefully it really happens,,,,thanx for reading my story

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