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Give me more!!!!

I’ve wanted this certain guy at work forever. It doesn’t matter to me that I am 35 and he will be 21 this year. I’ve written him several “dirty letters” over the past few weeks and he seems to enjoy them because he tells me that he jacks off to them when he reads them. What I want is for the two of us to fuck. My fantasy is to get this guy away from work and I’ll have all the things I need already hid away for just the right time. I ask him to come over to help me with something I don’t even need any help with, but when he gets there I have him a spiked drink ready. He wakes up and finds himself naked and tied to the bed. “what the hell am I doing tied up like this?” he screams. “oh don’t worry, I’ll untie you when I’m finished” A scared look comes across your face as I approach the side of the bed. “You’ve been teasing me long enough, time for some payback” I have no intention of hurting you, well not too much anyway. I reach into the bed side stand and pull out a bottle of lubricating oil and a big dildo. Your eyes get huge and ask, “what the hell are you going to do with that?” “Well, we’ll see” I say. Next I take out a small leather whip and brush it slightly over your dick. Even though you don’t want it to your cock starts responding, jumping every time I pass the whip over it. I lightly hit you on your upper thighs getting closer and closer to your ever growing cock. Then I decide to tease your cock with just the tip of my tongue, licking all over, but missing the tip. It’s getting harder by the second and I hear you start moaning so I don’t think you’re in too much of a hurry to leave.
I take off my clothes and get up on the bed with you and start licking and sucking on your nipples and jerking your cock with my hand. In a quick move I get on top of your massive hard-on and start riding it like crazy, up and down I work my wet pussy on your cock and I can feel the juice running out I’m so wet. It doesn’t take long for me to orgasm and when I do, I get off your cock and start licking my pussy juice off of you and it tastes so sweet I decide to give you a taste by giving you a big wet kiss. I move away and you keep licking your lips to get all the sweet pussy juice off your mouth. “Well bad boy, it’s time for your punishment for making me wait so long to give me the fucking I’ve wanted.” “What do you mean?” you ask. So I untie one hand and move it to the opposite end of the bed then the other so that you are on your stomach now. I pull the whip back out but first I decide to warm up your ass just a little bit so it won’t hurt so bad, I raise my hand up and bring it down hard on your ass cheek and you jump but there is no since in trying to get away because you can’t. “Tell me that you like getting your ass whipped” I demand. “No I don’t like it, let me loose” “Too bad” I say as I bring my hand down again and again. I then pick up the whip and start flailing your ass but good. All the while you are jerking and trying to get away, but the more you struggle the tighter the rope gets. I finally finish with the spanking and ask you how you feel. You won’t answer me, but I have the feeling you will in a bit. I get back on the bed with you and start kissing your bare red ass, then I start licking it to make the heat cool down and as if on cue you move up to your knees as I run my tongue up and down the crack of your ass. I work the tip of my tongue around your little pucker hole before sticking it in as far as it will go. No complaining now as you start moaning, “Fuck my ass with your tongue baby!” I lick and fuck ayour ass hole with my tongue until you are ready to come all over the bed, but then I stop. I ask if I untie you will you let me tie you back up and you tell me yes. As soon as I untie you, you grab my hands and tie me down to the bed, “Now it’s your turn bitch!” you growl as you grab the whip and start whipping my pussy. You spread my legs wider and wider then tie the rope to each ankle and under the bed so there is no way to move. You lay down on top of me and I think we are going to fuck, but you only rub your cock on my wet pussy, keeping it just out of reach as you suck and bite on my nipples. I start begging, “Come on Bran, fuck me please.” “Oh I will baby” You get off the bed and go the the chest, “Let’s see what you have in here” I had ordered a huge dildo a few weeks earlier, but never used it because it scared me it was so big. You pull it from the drawer and say, “Well what do we have here???” My eyes get bigger and bigger as I say, “I don’t want you to use that, it scares me” “Oh and you didn’t think I was scared when I woke up tied down to the bed?” I couldn’t really say anything, he had me right where he wanted me. You pour the lube on my pussy and started working it up and down and in and out of my hot snatch. Just feeling his fingers in me almost bring me to orgasm, but you sense this and quickly move them. You then lube up the big dildo and say, “I hope this don’t hurt too much”, but laugh as you say it. There’s no way to get loose since my hands are tied above my head and both legs are spread apart and tied to the bottom of the bed. You move between my legs and rub the huge dildo up and down my pussy lips then push just the tip into my wet hole. In and out you push just the tip and after awhile I say, “If you’re going to fuck me with that thing, just do it” You climb on me in the 69 position and force your rock hard cock into my mouth to suck then you plunge the big dildo deep into my pussy and start pumping for all you got. I almost choke on your huge cock but I regain my sucking and in a few minutes you say, “Make me come bitch and I’ll quit fucking your pussy with this monster!” Just a few seconds later I have the most intense orgasm I’ve ever had and it seems like my pussy is trying to take even more of the monster cock as you explode and I drink your hot cum down. I think you are going to untie me as you pull your cock from my mouth and pull the big dildo from my dripping pussy, but you push a pillow under my ass then lean back to stroke your cock to hardness again. You are still hot as hell so it doesn’t take long for your cock to get hard. All the time you’re stroking you are looking at me lustfully and I ask, “Aren’t you finished yet?” and you say, “You’re the one wanting to be fucked, so take it and like it” You get between my legs again and plunge your dick deep in my pussy a few times then pull it out and push it down towards my asshole and I try to pull back, but there’s no place to go. “Come on now” I beg, “Not that” “You did me” you say, “I’m just returning the favor” as you push the tip inside. I try to wiggle off the pillow but can’t get anywhere so you keep pushing gently inch by inch until my ass has swallowed your huge cock. You slowly start fucking my ass and it hurts but only a little, then you pick up the dildo again and shove it in my still wet pussy, while you are pushing your cock in my ass the dildo is shoving against the back of my pussy, I feel like I’m being torn apart, but it is such a good feeling. Just when I didn’t think I could take anymore I come with such force I think my ass will rip off your dick and the same moment you explode deep in my burning ass then you fall on top of me and we both lay there trying to catch our breath. You finally raise up to untie me and pull you dick out of my ass and the big dildo from my pussy and I know I’m going to be sore tomorrow. We set down on the edge of the bed, and I say, “I’m sorry for bringing you out here like this” and you say, “It’s alright, I wanted it too, and by the way, you’re not a bitch, just a slut” and turn around and smile at me. You get dressed to leave and turn around and say, “Did you say you had something else for me to fix tomorrow?” and I reply, “Yeah, I’ll try to break something tonight”

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