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its about time

Every now and then Kori Jay and Harry had their discreet encounters when ever Steven was away at work or at school. A couple times Kori Jay even surprised Harry at work, where she led him to the bathroom to have sex with him. Harry is still the soft and gentle type that Kori Jay loves. Even though a while back he said that he was into bondage and all that, Jay never really acted on it.
Two days before Harry’s 22nd birthday, Kori Jay surprised Harry by taking him to the beach that was near by. She had set up a romantic dinner in one of the old abandoned lifeguard shacks with candles and a silk blue box off in the corner. Harry had no idea what he was in store for! There was a full moon, the weather was somewhat sultry and humid. Kori Jay was wearing the somewhat-tight short skirt that showed off her figure with a black belly shirt. Harry was wearing his see-through black mesh long sleeved shirt-Kori’s favorite shirt-with his favorite baggy blue jeans. Kori Jay lead him up to the front of the shack, all the while caressing his chisled body, get all the more excited on what she was planning. With the sight of all the white candles, the table for two and a comfortable looking blanket, Harry’s mouth dropped as he smiled, not expecting Kori Jay to have gone as far as she did with such planning. He kissed her hand softly as she gently pushed him back on the chair. She bent down and they kissed passionately before Jay pulled away. She seductively walked to the silk blue box that was directly behind him. He felt her hands on his shoulders, she slowly kissed his neck, then nibbling his ear before she placed the blindfold over his eyes. It startled him, she could tell. She teased his lips with her tongue to reassure him and before she proceeded. Kori Jay decided to straddle him on the chair, caressing his chest, licking his neck before she helped him out of his shirt, revealing even more of his upper body; faint six pack, hairless chest,etc. Not too long after, she slipped off of him and Harry felt Kori Jay lead his arms around behind him, he then felt furry things around his wrists! Kori Jay whispered in his ear seductively…”Handcuffs, sexy, just handcuffs…shhhhh” She licked his ear.
After the handcuffs, Kori Jay switched on the CD player which was playing a Warren Hill CD–Harry’s favorite jazz artist…Harry doesnt know how she did it and couldnt see her, but Kori Jay was giving him a little taste of a lap dance. She danced around him, always having a hand on his shoulder or his chest. She stopped, standing behind him, slowly caressing his body, paying attention to his nipples and then continued until she got to his jeans. Without unbuttoning them, she slowly felt her way inside of them, teasing his rock hard cock. She moans as he let out a gasp. He turned his head to where hers was, Kori Jay stole a kiss, letting her tongue linger, teasing him. Already their bodies were sweating, but it was a sultry night, which turned Kori Jay on even more to watch to lover sweat.
After a while longer of teasing Harry, Kori Jay finally decided to help him out of his jeans. Without saying anything, she unlocked one of his wrists. His hand found her hot wet pussy in no time flat, it surprised her as he grabbed it, massaging it from beneath her panties. Kissing him deeply, she helped him help her out of her juice soaked panties, flinging them to one side. Still kissing deeply, she moaned with pleasure as Harry fingered her pussy. He smiled devilishly as he pulled his fingers out of her before she came. Kori Jay sucked clean one of his fingers, then stuck her tongue in his mouth before handcuffing him again. Her head rolled back in pleasure as she straddle Harry, finally settling down on his rock hard, fat cock. Not moving,kissing him all over except for the mouth until she started rocking back and forth. First slowly, throwing her arms around his neck, breathing heavy into his neck, then faster, ever so faster. Harry reached out with his tongue and hungrily licked/kissed Kori Jay’s breasts. Before she knew it, Harry freed himself from the furry handcuffs and quickly grabbed for her perky firm breasts, biting, licking, sucking on them in motion with her rocking back and forth. He wanted to discard the blindfold, but Kori Jay stopped him, grabbing his arm and placing it on her breast. “lover, dont stop” she gasped in between breaths. He hungrily kissed her, grabbing her waist and pushing her harder, faster. Finally they came together, she collapsed in his arms, not moving, his limp dick still inside of her. They stay in that position for quite sometime, kissing, caressing, whispering in each others ears…”so much for dinner first,” Harry smiled. Kori Jay smiled back, looking at the blanket and said “there’s more, lover.”
That night was filled with magic, their sweet sweaty bodies as one throughout the whole night, making use of the blanket and the handcuffs. This is one night Harry wont certainly forget.

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