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later that evening me and mellisa were in the camper again and i had completly forgotten about the topic from earlier. well all of the sudden she said, ‘are you ready to prove that ur bi to me?’
i was really shocked and started to say no bcuz friends dont do that stuff when she leaned forward and kissed me. holding me to her with her hand. at first i made a noise and squirmed but then i felt her hands massaging my back and her toungue inside my mouth was so hot and sweet.
i leand into the kiss and enjoyed it, but the i felt her hand go under neath my shirt and i pulled away to straighten it. she looked at me questioningly and i said, ‘we shouldnt be doing this.’
she laughed and said ‘the hell we shouldnt’ then she pushed me down on the bed and pulled up my shirt and over my head. i tried to cover myself but she pinned me and leaned down to kiss my breasts. she first licked them till they were glistening then she sucked them. i lost all my will to stop her and now i was holding her to my breasts. then she came up to kiss me again and i helped her take off her shirt. i suckled her breasts as she leaned over me. she moaned softly and the i heard the back door open. we scrambled to clothe ourselves but it was too late. mellisas brother joey opned the door saying, “why are u guys panting out h-” he cut of in mid sentance and stared at us. the he slowly stepped inside and locked the door. ‘mind if i join u ladies?” he grinned.
2 b continued…

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