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My Wife

It has been a few months since my wife’s twin sister and her gave me my Holiday sex surprise. I still think about it all the time and talk to my wife Mary about it. She keeps telling me that I may get lucky again someday.

Well that day did come to my total surprise again.

I had been out of town on business for about a month. I would call Mary everyday to see how things were going. Of course being away from her, I enjoyed jerking my load while the fantasies of her and her sister were fucking me like that Holiday time.

One night Mary had told me that her friend Lisa was having trouble with her husband, that she thought he was cheating on her. He was staying out on Fiday nights and she was finding signs of cheating. I told Mary that was to bad cause Lisa was a good friend of ours. I told her that maybe Lisa just needs to get away for awhile and come visit Mary. Mary thought that would be good too and would ask Lisa. Well, that was the last time I thought anything about it.

My trip was going to be over in about a week and I was getting excited to get home and lay some serious cock to the wife. A day hadn’t gone by where I wasn’t think about Mary’s pussy and her mouth going over my cock. I called Mary on night and told her I wanted to fuck her so bad that I was about ready to jump into the phone line. She told me, “don’t worry when you get home you are going to get more pussy then you could handle”. I said “yea right honey, you only have so much to give” laughing.

The day I left to go home, all I thought about on the planes were I got to get home, my cock was aching from lack of pussy and my hand was going to be glad to take a break.

I got off the plane and there Mary was looking damn good. All the way home I told her she better be ready to get raped as soon we walked in the door. Mary said “just take it easy, I want it to be hot, hard and heavy”. I just about blew my load when she said that.

We pulled up in the drive way and jumped out of the car, left my bags and shit in the car thinking those could wait. We got to the back door and open it and I was on her like I had never been with her before. I pushed her up against the kitchen counter and pulled her shorts off finding her to have no underwear on. Then I pulled her top up over her head to lick her soft breast. She took her hand and put it on my hard cock that had been hard since I got off the plane. she said” wow honey, I want that in my mouth. I was so tuned in on her I didn’t think about or see anything around me. I was focused on her wet pussy and started licking it as she stood there.

Just about the time I was licking her and sticking my finger up her ass, I heard a voice from behind say “do you mind if I join in”. I about fell out of my skin as I turned around and there was Lisa her best friend standing in the hall between the kitchen and dining room. Mary said “rememeber I told you you were going to get more pussy then you could handle” I said “bring it on”.

Lisa reached in and took hold of my cock through my pants. Mary took me and put me against the counter and they begin to undress me. I was just enjoying the moment. Lisa dropped to her knees and started to suck my cock as Mary finished taking my shirt off. Mary started licking my nipples and whispered in my ear “doesn’t Lisa have a nice tongue, she used it on me last night so I would be ready for you”. Lisa got up off her knees so we could get her out of her clotes. Mary and I started taking off Lisa clothes, what abody she had, smooth, soft, sweet, and of course a very wet and ready blonde pussy. I was taking my hand and rubbing her pussy , when Mary said to lisa , to get on the dining room table, that it was time for dinner. Lisa got on the table and Mary put her head right down between Lisa legs, Lisa just moaned with excitement as I started to lick her tits, Lisa was cummingin a matter of seconds it seemed like. Lisa pushe Mary back with a like force to the floor where Lisa started taking on my wife’s pussy, mary moaned and I stuck my cock in her mouth.

Mary was arching her back and Lisa was all but swollowing her up, I was pounding my cock so hard into Mary’s mouth that I thought I was going to break her tooth. Lisa stopped and started to suck my cock along with Mary, Lisa looked up at me with her beatiufl eyes and said” I have wanted to fuck you for a long time” then she took over sucking my cock from Mary. Mary then said”I want you to fuck Lisa, while I fuck myself with my new dildo” See when I was gone, mary went out and bought this 10 inch glass dildo about 2 inches wide.

As Mary went to get her dildo Lisa stopped and said ” I want to wait til Mary gets back, we used the dildo last night on each other and I want to show you how it looks”

Mary returne to the dining room and wanted us to go to the living room where it was more comfortable. The 3 of us totally naked rushed to the couch. Mary laid back and started playing with her pussy with the dildo, Kisa went down on her as I watched the 2 of them enjoy each others love. I got behind lisa and started eating her dripping pussy, that went on for about 5 minutes until Mary juiced Lisa’s face. Lisa reversed with Mary and she got Lisa’s juice flowing with the dildo. I was behind Mary and slid my about to burst cock as far as I could inside her, sticking my finger up inside her ass as the same time. I still did not fuck Lisa like she said she wanted me to.

The ladies laid back almost exhausted from fucking and licking each other I though for a minute, I got to blow my load.

Lisa reached and took my cock in her had and pulled it up to her wet pussy as Mary watched from the other side of the couch. mary had taken her dildo and begin to fuck herself with it. Lisa, said” ok Johnny, this is what we have been waiting for, let me have it”. That is all it took, I put my cock inside her pussy in one big push. Lisa yelled out with scream of pain, as did Mary. They both screamed at the same time, I was on the move. I had Lisa’s legs as far apart as they could be and holding her ankles high into the air. Mary was fucking herself so hard with the glass dildo, the ladies were having I think their best cumming session they have ever had. Lisa gettng fucked by her best friends husband and Mary watching her best friend get fucked by her husband. And me getting fucked and suck by 2 beatiful women.

As I kept fuck Lisa, Lisa, said she wanted me to fil her up like she had never been filled before. Mary had stopped to take a break with the dildo so I tok it and told Lisa to turn over. I noticed how smoooth Lisa ass was and tole her that she had a great ass. Mary agreed. Lisa had her head turn back looking at me while I stuck the dildo up her pussy, she said “I want you not that” I replied, “you’ll get me” as I stuck my cock up in her ass. She jumped in pain at first not expecting me to do that, but once I was up all the way in her ass, she was moaning with delight. I coould feel the dildo in her pussy touching my cock that was in her ass.
Mary at that time laid on her back with her tongue licking Lisa pussy. Lisa was getting all she could. I was about ready to shoot my load and pulling Lisa ass towards me faster and faster. Lisa was screaming she was cumming and that’s all it took, I filled her ass with all the cum that had been waiting to be released for a least a week. It was pouring out of her ass as I pushed my cock in and out of it. Mary raised her head and told me to pull my cock of Lisa ass. So I did and Lisa fell to the sofa, Mary took my cock and cleaned it with her mouth, I never had seen Mary so excited to have my cock in her mouth.

Mary said to me”so, do you think it was worth the wait for all the pussy you can handle”.

All I could think to say was “it sure is nice to be home”. Lisa said “I am glad you came home, I here for 3 more days”.

It is nice to have a wife that cares about her best friends problems. It seems to help all involved, except for Lisa’s husband, if he only knew. I am not going to tell him.

I guess I don’t need to tell you what the next 3 days were like. Do I? Maybe Lisa and Mary will tell you, but don’t hold yur breath. they don’t have much time for the computer while they are caring for each other.

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