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Two Girls, Admit Their Lust For Each Other.

Ok this is my first girl/girl story so its very short.

“I…love you too, Kelly!” Karen said trying to avoid eye contact.

“Wha…What do you mean? I thought you didn’t feel the same way about me?” Replied Kelly staring straight into Karen’s eyes.

“Well…I’ve been doing a little thinking lately, all these years I’ve had this feeling always present at the back of my head but I’ve never had the guts to follow this instinct. When you kissed me I just wouldn’t admit to myself how much that meant to me, I was still in denial and I didn’t want you to see that so I had to just put a hard front on,”

A look of such happiness appeared on Kelly’s face and she moved forward towards Karen…


“Shh…it’s alright to be nervous,” Kelly replied then lightly kissing Karen’s lips. Her tongue skimmed Karen’s lips and pressed at them, requesting entry into her mouth. Karen relented, and let Kelly’s tongue slip in.

Kelly kept her lips locked with Karen’s, and moved her hands down to the button’s on Karen’s blouse, slowly unbuttoning it, then reaching round and unclasping her bra.

She gazed at the already hardening nipples, then moved her head down, she licked and sucked at the lust-swollen orbs.

Karen moaned softly as the heat between her slim legs began to rise, and her moans turned into soft giggles as Kelly ran her fingers down her sides. Kelly fiddled with the buttons on Karen’s trousers, whilst Karen pulled off Kelly’s tee shirt and bra, and began to play herself. Kelly undid Karen’s trousers and put her hands down them, feeling the mounting heat and wetness. She pulled her trousers off and traced her tongue up the inside of her thigh and around her belly button. Karen breathed in sharply as Kelly neared the place that craved attention. Kelly moved back up to kiss Karen’s lips, and inserted a finger into her. Karen gasped at the pleasure such an action executed, and began to move against Kelly. She smiled as Karen closed her eyes and arched her back, the moans bringing music to her ears.

Kelly pulled her lips away from Karen, and withdrew her finger. She moved further down and traced her tongue around the inside of Karen’s thigh. Kelly leaned her head slightly forward and inserted her tongue into Karen, whilst playing with her clit. Kelly gently slided her tongue in and out of her and fiddled with Karen’s clit, and within a minute she came in a sweaty mass. The feeling was so awesome that she couldn’t see for a few seconds.

Kelly and Karen just lay there for a few minutes unable to think what to say, just staring at each other. Eventually Karen managed to say something.

“Kelly…I don’t know what to say…that was amazing, err…thank you.”

“No it’s me who needs to say thank you. Thank you for telling me how you feel, is this serious, do you want to be with me?” Kelly replied with need evident in her voice.

“Of course I want to be with you, why else would I say that I loved you?” Karen replied with deep sincerity.

“What about Matt? What will you say to him? I can just imagine you say you want to leave him to run off with me! The whole of Charnham would be in paradise, it would be gossip central!” laughed Kelly.

“They can think what they want to think, all I know is that I love you and I want to be with you. And I just have to say this, why can’t men please women like another women can?! And where the hell did you learn to do that? I always read that doing it with a women more pleasurable because they know what feels good and what doesn’t, but what can I say…that was absolutely bloody indescribable!” Karen giggled and looked deep into Kelly’s eyes.

“I can teach you if you like Karen, and in the process I get to enjoy myself!”

With that Karen leaned forward and took charge of the situation, she leaned forward and kissed Kelly softly. Kelly giggled softly and they both stopped for a second to take this opportunity to just stare at each other, the look she was getting from Karen was good enough to tell her what she wanted to hear.

Karen leaned down to caress Kelly’s legs; she went further up until the go to the place she most loved. She entered her tongue into Kelly, and slowly slided in and out. Kelly was moaning loudly but just managed to ask Karen to speed up a bit more. After a while she gently withdrew her tongue from Kelly and started on Kelly’s clit. She licked and sucked hungrily on it until Kelly came violently. It was the best orgasm she had ever had. She was amazed at how good it could be from a woman who had never done anything sexual towards women before.

They just lay there in total bliss like before, they were tightly entwined on Karen’s bed, and they were still kissing and caressing each other. Suddenly Kelly heard a noise, at first she thought she must have imagined it but then heard a shout from downstairs saying, it was Matt, and he was telling Karen he was home.

They both frantically jumped off the bed and hurriedly got their clothes on; they just managed to sort themselves out when Matt entered the room.

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