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2nd day of fun

The second day was here. I went to college to help clean up for next year. I looked in the gym and there were having cheerleader tryouts. there was a new girl her name was Raven. She had an average body with perfect tits,long shaved legs and a good ass. she looked at me and smiled and began her tryout. a few hours later a cheerleader told me that Raven liked me I asked where she was and met her. I went to where Raven was and she said that she was having trouble with her computer. I sat in her seat and she was standing next to me with her arm on my shoulder. I moved my hand up and down her long smooth leg. I got up and took off her shirt and took off her cheerleader skirt. I turned her over in a doggystyle and rammed my cock in her ass. she started moaning as i rode her faster and faster. I stopped and i sat down. she got on top of me and placed my cock in her pussy and she began to bounce up and down. she started cumming and screamed loudly. i sat her down and began eating her pussy i held her legs and she began to move her body around. after we finished having sex. I left her room. I went home and watched the tape of Me and Maria’s first time having sex. I watched that tape for the next week until our two week seperation was over and we got back together again.

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