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My Driver

I am Lata 29 yrs old. My hubby is a businessman from Bombay India. He is carrying on our family business, which has been going on for years now. A year after I was married, my father in law said he wanted to retire and handing over everything to my hubby went to settle down to their small farmhouse in their native place along with my mother in law. That left just my hubby and me at our flat in Bombay.
Our marriage was an arranged one, which is still a custom in our caste, and I come from come from a very respectable family. I am 5′-3″ in ht. slim and has a extremely good figure with curves in all the right places. I am 38-28-38 and usually at home wears thin saris and deep cut blouses.
We had a driver, Kumar. Kumar was a young man in his early 20’s. He was from north India and had come to Bombay a year back looking for work. He was referred to us through a common friend and that’s why we had hired him as our driver. He was 6′ ft tall, had thick curly hair and was pretty heavily built with broad shoulders and a hairy body. He was a big guy.
He was always looking at me and I could see the lust in his eyes. In the beginning I felt bad, but slowly started to like him staring at me. I started to show off myself, especially when I was alone in the car with him. He will also stare at me from the mirror. He used to come for the work on his bike. I day I told him he should teach me to drive a bike.
One day my hubby had go out of town for few days. Next day morning he told me if I want he can teach me to drive bike. We went to a ground early morning. I sat on the bike and he sat behind me. He was helping to hold the bike handle and slowly told me how to control. We just tried to control the bike. But during that he was sitting at my back and was very close to me and touching all my back. I could even feel his cock at times. He also touched my breasts many times. We both were very hot. We went back home. He asked me for some tea and I asked him to come inside. He came and grabbed me and kissed me hard and I lost all control. He held me from behind and started kissing my neck and started feeling my breasts. I turn around and kiss him back passionately.
We went to the bedroom and started kissing hungrily and he started to undress me and removed my sari. I was now in my skimpy black bra and panty. He looked so big in front of me. He untied my hair knot and my long hair came flowing down over my shoulders. He then removed my bra and started to caress my tits and pinched the pink nipples, which became firm and erect. I was moaning out loud. He moved on to suck my nipples and his hand was in my panties. His fingers were big and thick. His middle finger looked like a small dick in my tight pussy. I could not take it anymore and started to unzip his trousers and take them down. Meanwhile he had taken off his t-shirt. I pulled his underwear down and his rock hard cock sprung out at it s peak. I was shocked to see his cock. It was almost 12 inches long and 3 inches wide. The next 1-hour was electrifying for us. We sucked and fucked each other dry. He spread my pussy lips wider with his cock like never before. He fucked me very hard and his full cock was going in and out of my fuckhole. I could feel his cock going into my womb. We fucked in all kinds of positions with me teaching Kumar a lot. Once he even stood up and lifted me up with her legs wrapped around him with his cock in my pussy. He was strong. He lasted longer than I could ever think of. I had cummed twice by now. His hot cum was burning in my pussy and I could feel the heat in my womb. I was sure of getting pregnant that day, as I had no protection. He kept cumming to long, I could feel my pussy and womb full of his cum.
After we had finished he once again asked me to suck his cock. I loved his cock in my mouth. He was holding my hair and fucking my mouth. Then he told me that he cumming and wanted me to swallow his cum. I took all his thick cum down my throat.
After that day I became his whore and he was allowed to fuck me anytime anywhere. I even fucked with his friends once. Now I am 6 months pregnant with his baby, but no one knows that its his baby that I am carrying. He still fucks me in my 6 month, but most of the time we do 69 now.

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