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Chocolate Couple Making Sweet Love

I found his mouth and kissed him deeply and passionately. Once he slipped beneath the covers with me, I knew this encounter would be wonderful. He sought to my breasts kissing and nuzzling them like they were precious gems. The sensation was wonderful and weakened me in a delicious way I entangled my fingers in his hair and held his head, calling out his name revealing the pleasure at his skill.
Moving my lips to nibble and share honeyed kisses, he lay upon me with his heated passion rod pressing into me. Growling seductively, I hooked my arms under his and maneuvered him upon his back. I sought to his neck, licking and nibbling the honey colored flesh while I moved upon his magnificent structure moistening it with the dew from my passion flower. I continued to kiss him passionately feeling quite dizzy at times, this man was casting his spell on me. I moved down his wonderful chiseled body and took his rod into my mouth, his precum tastes like honey, as I wrap my thick lips around him loving every minute of it. My tongue become obsessed and seems to be acting without me, my prey is moaning and grabbing my hair, pleased with my skill, when he cannot take anymore, he gasped and gripped my bottom and rolled me back unto my back. He slid inside me effortlessly while delivering a hypnotic tongue kiss simultaneously. I felt as though I was in another world; returning his kisses his caresses and urgent undulating moves, he and I reached out rapturous limit. In a frenzied tempo, we quivered and groaned in each others arms, reaching the pinnacle of ecstasy. Every inch of my body tingled. The smell of our love is intoxicating.
I got up and started the water. His eyes followed me and my nakedness. He so loved to view my thick dark chocolate body. I got in and my lover soon followed. Taking the soap he stood behind me and began lathering my body in the most erotic ways. After my body was all sudsy, he used his hands and glided them over my breasts, down my stomach, and fingered my garden of love. With the steamy waters soothing my flesh and his masterful hands working their magic, I was ready for another romp. I whirled around and to face him, grabbing the back of his neck to render a hot kiss that had him gasping for air. He reeled slightly on his feet, grasping my hips, we laughed at his action.
Staring into his beautiful brown eyes, I caught a mischievous glint. Holding me carefully he lowered me to the shower floor, I squealed at the maneuver. The laughter soon died once he parted my thick thighs and dove right in to taste all of my sweet goodness. His tongue was masterful, he probed, kissed and teased for what seemed like forever, I had already cum twice and he seemed adamant to go for some record or something. I begged for him to please me with his honey colored uncircumcised penis, he made me beg actually, and once I had given him a third treat of cumming in his mouth, he drove is arousal inside me with a lushness that had a dizzying effect on me. I did not mind lying upon the hard wet tiles, nor did I mind being pelted by the hot water of the shower. The only thing that mattered was the moment and the man who was giving me his all in the most intimate of ways.
I locked his body to mine by wrapping my long chocolate brown legs around his waist. I hung onto his broad shoulders as our flesh slid together. My body became a sponge pulling all of the passion and the joy I could from him. I urged him with my words and endearment. The more I spoke the more intense his trusts became, I could feel him in every inch of my body, suddenly, we were both caught in a web of astounding eroticism that made us moan as though our souls were being ripped from us.

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