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Donna Gilbert was desperate! Her husband of thirty-eight years had suddenly passed away, leaving her not only lonely, but also extremely frustrated! Mike had not only been a fine provider, but he also made sure that his wife was taken care of sexually at least four times a week, and sometimes more!!! Donna was so used to having her husband’s cock in either her pussy or mouth that, well, she just had taken it for granted that it would always be there! Now, here she was, fifty-nine years old, and climbing the walls out of frustration! For the first few weeks she resorted to masturbation, but all that did was whet her appetite for the real thing! She needed to feel vagina being stretched by a thick pecker! The only problem, was that being from a small town she couldn’t up and start a relationship so soon after her husband’s death – that would really start the town talking! No, what she would do, was drive the hour to the city, and buy a vibrator and dildo from one of the many sex shops that dotted the area.

Donna carefully parked her car, turned off the motor, and just sat for a few minutes. Half a block down the street was the Pink Pussy Kat Magazine store. Its pink neon light flashed on and off as an open invitation to anyone passing by. Another smaller sign just below it read “Adult Reading Materials, Novelties, and Peep Shows!!!” Trying to work up enough nerve to enter the more than tawdry business, Donna thought back on her nights of agony, when the need for relief in her pussy was almost unbearable! She finally hopped out of the car, put two quarters in the meter, and headed off down the street. She was expecting a seedy run down place with an bunch of old men in rain coats, but Donna was pleasantly surprised to find that except for the reading material, which was definitely x-rated, she could be walking into any regular magazine shop! She slowly walked the aisles, not picking up any of the various sex mags, but giving them a long once over. Seeing so many images of women being fucked by huge cocks was having a very strong affect on her, and Donna began to feel her clitoris begin to throb in need of relief! “Jesus Christ,” she said under her breath, “I’m on fire, and can’t do anything about it!” She was staring at a cover that showed a tiny blonde with big tits being absolutely impaled by a huge black cock that was splitting her in two, when she was brought back to reality when a soft male voice asked, “May I help you?”

Donna spun around and mumbled something about “just looking”, but the mid twenties black man persisted and got Donna to admit she was looking for a “marital aid”. “Follow me,” the young man responded easily, “I think we have just what you’re looking for!” As she trailed after the sales clerk, she furtively checked to see if anyone was paying any attention to her! Thankfully everyone seemed to have their noses stuck in a magazine or book, so no one was paying her any special mind. When they came to a display case, the young man asked quietly, “Do you see any here that you might be interested in?” Donna stared at the huge array of dildos and vibrators, and her face reddened at the thought of having to discuss such intimate details with a total stranger! The young man, who introduced himself as Clay, offered, “Follow me to the back of the store, I have something you may be interested in!” A slightly confused Donna followed Clay from the front part of the store and through the door that led to the peep shows. Clay pulled open the door to an empty booth and held his hand out, indicating he wanted Donna to go inside! Although she was a bundle of nerves and scared to boot, she slipped inside the small cubicle and was quickly accompanied by Clay, who closed the door and locked it! He reached into his pocket and produced a special token, which he slipped into the coin slot. A few seconds later the inside of the booth was flooded with light from the small screen, and images of a young blonde woman being fucked by a huge black cock filled the screen! Clay whispered in her ear, his hot breath brushing across her shoulder, “I think this is what you want, not some old fake cock, a woman like you needs the real thing!!!” Donna’s head was spinning out of control, and the closeness of the tiny room, the pictures of the young slut getting her cunt good and properly fucked, and Clay’s hot breath on her bare neck were whipping her pussy into overdrive! Clay whispered again, “Sit down on the bench, I have something for you!” Donna sank down and relaxed on the thin narrow seat, while Clay stepped in front of her and began unbuckling his pants. “Ever had a black cock,” he asked insolently?!? She shook her head no, but it was now obvious that in the next few minutes that was about to change! Clay slowly undid his belt, taking what seemed to Donna an inordinate amount of time for what seemed to her like a simple task! Finally in frustration she said, “Here, let me,” and she pushed Clay’s hands away and took over the task of exposing his manhood. He wore tiny bikini under shorts, and the thin cotton barely contained the arching banana that was fighting to release itself from its prison! Taking both hands, she pulled the elastic towards her and then down, resulting in an unbelievably large tube of cock flesh popping out in front of her face! She let out a low moan, and involuntarily opened her mouth and let the huge head slip between her soft wet lips! Now it was Clay’s turn to moan, as he soon discovered that this middle aged white woman was a consummate cocksucker! “Sweet Jesus,” he groaned, “you suck like a black whore, bitch!!!” Hearing this from the young black stud, Donna’s cunt churned hard towards a massive orgasm!

Donna was always extremely orgasmic, but never in her life had she climaxed without touching her pussy! As she felt the huge boner in her mouth ready itself for its eruption, she felt her pussy begin the tell tale contractions that signaled her own orgasm was imminent! Just as Clay’s big dick lurched in her mouth, filling it with life giving sperm, Donna’s pussy twisted hard and released a torrent of juice in her already sopping wet snatch! For the next several seconds, two very disparate individuals satisfied the sexual cravings of the other! A middle aged white widow, and a whip smart young black with a huge cock between his thin thighs! After it was over, Donna savored the taste of fresh cum, a sensation she had missed so very much over the past month, while Clay, his legs a little shaky, leaned against the cubicle wall to keep from falling over! Clay looked down at the white woman and replied, “Bitch, you suck a mean fuckin’ cock, let me tell ya, you’re a real fuckin’ cocksucker!!!” If you could have seen her face, you would have seen it redden again, but this time from pride!

Now it was Donna’s turn to give the orders, and she said quickly, “You sit!” After exchanging places, Donna reached up under her dress, pulled of her panties, and them hiked her dress up around her waist, exposing her pussy and ass to the young black stud. Clay gave a low whistle and remarked, “You got a hairy pussy and a fat ass, bitch, look at my fuckin’ prick, it’s hard again already!!!” That was exactly the plan, so Donna facing away from Clay, slowly lowered her big fat ass down onto his lap, until the lips of her hair pie came in contact with his thick black prick. “Okay stud,” she ordered, “stick it in me, now!!!” Rubbing his head the length of her slit, Clay centered his pecker over her hole and gently lifted his butt, forcing his head into the dripping cunt above him. “Oh, god,” she moaned, “you are so fucking huge,” and with that she let her weight down and the thick monster disappeared in her cavernous pussy! Grinding hard she worked the black dominator all around inside of her, taking care to give every inch of her cunt a chance to feel the huge invader! Finally when she couldn’t stand it any longer, she slowly began raising and lowering her plump ass up and down, until at last she was pounding the thick cock in and out of her dripping cunt at lightning speed, and again the two strangers crotches were caught in an orgasmic vortex!!! This time both Clay and Donna roared out loud as their climaxes raced through every inch of their bodies! Clay couldn’t believe how an old white bitch like Donna could make him so fucking hot, and Donna couldn’t believe her incredible luck at finding a young stud who would give her the time of day!!!

After getting dressed and returning to the front of the store, Clay asked Donna, “Now, which one of these items would you like!?!” Donna gave them a quick glance and replied, “None of them, I think I’ve found a real one!!!” Clay smiled, and just nodded!!!

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