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i couldn

my mom worked for a collection agency.she was a very pretty woman,fourty-three,and dressed nicely….always wearing dresses and very feminine.anyway,she had to go out collecting one evening and i went along,i was sixteen at the time,and she drove into the black section of town looking for delinquent accounts.she found this guys mobile home and parked,saying he was a real pain in the neck to get any money from,and that she’d probably be a little while and for me not to worry.i watched her knock on the door and saw a black hand take her arm and pull her inside as the door opened,and i thought it odd that the door hadn’t been closed completely,so i went over to be sure everything was o.k……and as i stood out in the yard and peered through the slightly open door i could hear him asking her if she wanted it again……and what i saw in the dim light made my sstomach churn…..he was standing behind her,holding her against his almost naked body,one hand feeling her breasts through her dress..the other feeling her pussy through her white panties.she was holding her dress and slip up,and her knee’s were trembling as he pushed his hand inside and began touching her sex.she had here eyes closed and was softly mouthing yes as he kissed her neck and pushed her panties down onto her thighs…her pussy was a thick black triangle of hair,and he was opening her lips,exposing the bright red inner lips and thick stiff clitoris….and then he moved his hand behind and the head of his black dick appeared between her legs,and it was was so long that she reached down and began to jerk-off what was sticking out from the front,her pushing her panties to her knees and them slipping down to her ankles.he pulled the black shaft back and she guided it into her cunt…her jerking up-right as it found her vagina and forced it’s way in…..

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