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Summer School Fun, Part 1

Lucky me, since I failed my history final I have to do summer school to make it up. I thought I would end up with some asshole that would piss me off all summer; instead I got my original history teacher, whom I will call Jen.

Jen was an Asian American, about 5’6, jet-black hair, dark eyes and a body of a goddess. She had a nice booty and thick thighs and medium tits. She walked into the room and gave me a cheerful hello. As I greeted her I asked where the other students were at. “You’re my only student, Chris.” “Great, I said, I feel real smart now.” she gave a warm laugh and said “its ok, me and you can have fun by ourselves.”

She started the lesson and I gave answers for 2 hours. After about 3 weeks, we got to become good friends inside and out of the classroom. Then one day she walked into class with some Capri’s and a tight white shirt. You could see the bra through it. I couldn’t concentrate. Finally she asked me what was wrong, that I wasn’t my usual self. Since I am pretty forward, I told her, “damn Miss C, you just look sexy in that outfit and I’m losin my concentration over it.” “Well I’m glad u noticed, she said, cause I wore it just for you.” “What? I said, for me, why for me?” “I’ve wanted u since the beginning of the school year and I failed u so I could get u here so we could fuck.”

With that said she kissed me on the lips and her tongue probed my mouth, I got with the flow, and start feelin her tits and rubbing her ass and inner thighs. She broke the kiss and we went over to the couch that was in the room. I lay down and she got on top of me. I told her how much I wanted to fuck her and make her scream my name since day one.

I unbuttoned her shirt and took off her bra, which exposed her firm young tits. She pulled my shirt over my head that exposed my muscular upper body. “Damn Chris, I want u so bad, suck on my tits.” “Not a chance, I wanna hear u beg.” “Please baby please” I gave in and sucked her tits, in turn she was moaning in pleasure, that’s when I sat up and laid her on the couch. I unzipped her Capri’s and pulled them down, exposing her silky black panties. I put my mouth on her crotch and blew hot air on her pussy. She started rubbin her tits and begged me to eat her out. I ripped off her panties, parted her lips, and started to suck on her clit. She started moaning louder and her legs started to shake, then she yelled it out loud, I’m cumming!! With that a flood of her sweet nectar came out and I drank every bit of it. After she came down from her sexual high she said “I think me and you are gonna have a great summer…”

More to cum soon

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