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a Teacher

Maria Gomez was a tough disciplinarian. She expected total respect from her students. If she did not get it, she would humiliate them in front of the class or worse, send them to the dean’s office.
Several of the students were “fed up” with Ms. Gomez. One night after school. Maria got into her car in the school’s lot only to be surprised by Thomas Novak who held a knife to her throat. Thomas had been hiding in the back seat.”Not a word,Ms Gomez,’ ordered Thomas. Ms.Gomez shook her head in agreement. Robert Reynolds and Juanita Mendoza soon appeared and the four drove off to a warehouse in the “seedy’ part of town.
Two boys opened a garage door and the 3 students and Ms.Gomez drove in.
They exited the car and ordered Ms.Gomez to stand on a pallet. She did as she was told and one of the boys raised the pallet with a fork lift some 7 feet off the ground.
“Why are you doing this to me? asked Ms.Gomez.Raul
Melendez answered,”because you always act like the judge,jury and hangmen to us, now you will see what it’s like.”
“If it’s money you want,’ Said Ms.Gomez, ‘ I have very little,but take it.” “oh, we’ll take the money alright said Juanita but you’re going to have to give up more than that” “What do you mean”,asked Ms.Gomez. “Your clothes,” said Thomas
“My clothes?why?” “Because.” said Juanita,”you have to see what it’s like to be humiliated,like you have humiliated us, now take of your clothes or I’m sure one of the guys wouldn’t mind tearing them off of you.”
Ms. Gomez was shocked but did as she was told. Off came the red blazer, the navy skirt and the white linen blouse. She stood in front of her captors in her white underwear. she heard snickering from a few and was told to remove everything. she removed her slip and her pantyhose and all that was left was the bra and panties. she fumbled with the hooks and slowly removed the bra,she was a petite woman with firm milky white breasts. The cotton panties next came off and she stood trying to cover her nakedness with her hands.
the pallet was lowered. “How does it feel,Ms.Gomez, to have all your students see you totally naked?” said one of the boys.”Please” pleaded Ms. Gomez let me have my clothing back,I won’t tell anyone.” That’s good, Ms.Gomez.” said Raul ” but only after you’ve had your punishment.”
“what punishment?”asked Ms. Gomez. Julie Linares told her that she was going to be punished for everyone in attendance, 4 girls and 5 boys.
Raul tied her wrists together and Thmas tied each ankle and spread them apart. They hooked her tied hands to a hoist and raised them over her head.
Raul took out a yardstick that he “borrowed’ from school and flogged her buttocks to a crimson red. Ms.Gomez was in tears screaming hysterically. Her arms were lowered and her wrists and ankles were unbound.
Laying on the ground Ms.Gomez could not believe what happened next. All the students took off their pants and underpants, boys and girls” “What are you going to do to me?” aske Ms.Gomez. “Raul said,”it’s probably more like,what aren’t we going to do to you.” four of the girls held down Ms. Gomez’s arms and legs as the boys took turns either forcing her to give them head or fucking her or fucking her in the ass.The girls had their turn forcing Maria to eat them all out. Once the last girl was through wih her, Maria Gomez fainted.

She awoke in her car in the school’s parking lot. It must have been early morning, around dawn. Her clothes folded neatly next to her and she felt like she had been bathed. To her disbelief, she screamed out when she realized that her “students’ had shaved her head bald and also her pubic mound. Her screams brought security who called the police and took her to the hospital.

Her assailants were arrested and sentenced to jail as adults. Maria never returned to that school or any other school again.

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