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School Can Be Fun!

I was 18 years old. I played basketball for the High school. I had the best grades that anyone could imagine. I had the most beautiful girlfriend, Tracy who had some luscious 38 DDD size tits. On this particular day, I had trouble concentrating in 7th period Algebra. I don’t know what was wrong. But the fact that our Intern teacher, Miss Day, had size 37 DD tits, nice firm ass, long blond hair, and very sexy legs did not help any. If I was not looking at her or Tracy, I was looking at our regular teacher, Miss Phillips.

Now Miss Phillips had some tits that could poke your eye out. What the best part was that my girlfriend was 18, and both teachers were only 26. I was in hormone heaven. On this particular day, both Miss Day & Phillips noticed that I had had a hard time concentrating during class. Me & Tracy had fallen on some hard time. After the 7th period bell rang and everyone had left, Miss Day had asked me to stay for a little while. I had no idea what was going on. I came up to her and she says, “Mike I noticed that you were having a hard time paying attention today is everything all right?” “Well, ma’am, me and Tracy are having some hard times right now,” I said. “Really, what seems to be the problem?” “Well ma’am she wants to have sex and I want it too but I am afraid of hurting her.” “Mike, you are one of the nicest guys I have ever met, how could you hurt her?” “What I meant was my dick size is quite huge and I don’t want her getting hurt during sex.”

The moment I said that, I could see Miss Day’s eyes fill with delight. “Well maybe I can be of some help to you. Take off your pants.” I didn’t know where she was going with this but I did it. My dick was not even fully erect and already it was hanging quite low. “Holy Shit!” Shouted Miss Day. “You are right, that is quite huge. I would say at least 10 inches. Now I am going to show you how to properly fuck your girlfriend without hurting her.” So then without hesitation, Miss Day and I began to strip. She was even more beautiful than I thought she was naked. She got down on the floor and started to masturbate. She then motioned for me, “Come here and fuck me now you big long hard stud. First, I want you to eat my pussy. So I went down where any have already been. I first started to lick her clit Miss Day started to moan with delight. “Faster, you bastard, faster,” she commanded. “Stick your middle finger in my twat.” After only doing that for about 30 seconds, the moans turned into screams, and before I knew it I had cum all over my face.

“Now come here and stick that big long hard in my wet pussy.” I stuck it in her. I went very slowly at first but eventually I started to really enjoy what was happening and I picked up the pace gradually until I started thrusting my cock in her like I was going into oblivion. I was just about to blow my load when we hear someone open the door and say: “Mike, Miss Day, what the fuck are you two doing?” It was Miss Phillips! Miss Day stood up for me; “Mike wanted to know how to fuck a woman right so I thought what better place to teach him than in the classroom.”

“Looks like you could use some help on this one Miss Day,” Miss Phillips said with the horniest voice. “Mike Miss Day & I will teach you something new, a threesome.” So Miss Phillips proceeded to get on top of Miss Day, (clothes off of course), and started kissing her quite passionately. She eventually worked her way down Miss Day. I was standing off to the side watching these two go at it, jerking my meat until I was about to blow. I decided to get behind Miss Phillips and fuck her up the ass. The harder I went, the more passionate things were between the three of us. I was about to blow my load again when someone walked in again, it was Tracy!

“Tracy, how are you honey?” I said so innocently. “Mike what the fuck are you doing with these two bitch ass whores?” “Honey, they were teaching me how to have sex with you without hurting you?” “So you were doing this for us Mike.” “Baby I wouldn’t do it for anyone else.” “Oh Mike, that turns me on so much, can I join?” “Hell yes you can.” This story does not quite continue as you think it might. You see Tracy would only have sex with me and not do any foursomes. However, that did not stop Miss Day and Miss Phillips at all. They continued to eat each other like they were at a buffet line. Me & Tracy did right then & there for the first time. I got my inspiration from watching the two whores go at it. Tracy said she was screaming so loud she thought the whole building would come down. As for the conclusion, Tracy is now my wife, we have just had our first child. we owe our wonderful sex life to Miss Day & Phillips. I kind of hope we run into those two again soon!

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