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Astronomy Club Part I

It was beautiful August night. Jean, a eighteen year old female, was on her way to get some food at the grocery store. She stood looking through the aisles for soda.

Just then she noticed Mr. Greg Appleton, her 9th grade science teacher. He looked wonderful with his short salt and pepper hair, big brown eyes, and beautiful muscle tone. He was a male of 42 years old, but he was still gorgeous. Jean just eyed him up. On this particular night, he was wearing blue board shorts and a gray muscle shirt. Jean licked her lips. Then Greg looked at her, he smiled. “Hello Jean, how is your summer going? When do you leave for college?”

“My summer has been a blast. I leave next week. What about you Mr. Appleton?” Jean couldn’t believe she was standing in a store talking to him.

“Great.” Greg smiled, then he walked closer to her. “What are you up to tonight?”

“Just getting groceries for my parents, then who knows. You?”

“Jean, did you see that report about how Mars is visible tonight?” Greg smiled.

“Really? I should check that out. I wish I had a telescope though or a good pair of binoculars. Your binoculars were always great for viewing the night sky.” Jean replied, remembering the wonderful times at astronomy club. She used to think of it as her date with Greg, just with five other people.

“I have an idea. How about I follow you home, then you drop off your car, drop off the groceries, and then I will drive us back to my place…So we can get the binoculars and the school let me keep the telescope for the summer.”

Jean was filled with excitement. Just her and Greg looking out at the stars, it was like a dream come true. Greg and Jean got their groceries, paid, and drove to Jean’s house. She parked her car, dropped off the groceries, and jumping into the cab of Greg’s red Toyota Tacoma. She always wanted to ride in it. Greg smiled at her and drove to his place. He parked the truck, then looked over at Jean. “Want to come in?”

“Sure.” Jean smiled.

Greg and Jean went inside. Greg told her to make herself at home, so she sat down on the couch as he put the groceries away. When he was done, he walked into the living room. Greg pulled off the muscle shirt. Jean’s jaw dropped to the ground as she admired his wonderfully formed pecks and six pack. He walked over to her, leaned in over her, and then said, “Just going to grab my shirt.” Jean felt a bit of cum in her panties. Greg had once made her organism just by talking. She was very wet the whole time with him, and now she was leaking into her pants. Greg grabbed his shirt and moved away from her, but he didn’t put the new shirt on. “Jean, I have a confession.” Greg looked at her and got down on one knee, he looked into her eyes, and said, “Mars isn’t really visible, and the school didn’t let me take the telescope for the summer.”

“That’s okay Greg. I..” Jean started.

Greg put his fingers to her lips to quiet her. “You don’t know what you do to me…I have been dreaming about you since the day you walked into my class four years ago.” Greg moved in toward Jean, and kissed her with all the passion in the world. She almost fainted the kiss was so magical. Greg stood up and sat next to Jean. He ran his strong hands through her long blonde hair and looked deeply into her hazel eyes. Then he said, “I have been masturbating fantasizing about you. Every women I have had sex with these past few year, I would pretend they were you. Will you give yourself to me?” He took her hand and placed in on his bulge pushing through his shorts. “Will you give yourself to him?”

To Be Continued…..

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