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Astronomy Club Part II

Jean smiled and blushed from embarrassment. She removed her hand from the bulge, and stood up. Then she said to him, “Greg…I…I’m a virgin. I was waiting for marriage.” Greg went to say something, but she placed her finger on his lips to quiet him. “But I can’t think of anyone I would rather pop my cherry then you.” Greg smiled and walked toward her.

“Let’s go to my bedroom.” Greg grabbed Jean and lead her into his room. His room had basketball trophies, antlers, and a king size bed. The whole room had a very manly rustic look to it. Jean looked over at the bed and saw it had a big fur blanket on it. Greg noticed Jean’s rather confused look on her face. He smiled, then he walked over to his bed and pulled the covers down. There were red silk sheets. “Don’t worry my dear. I plan to make this a night you won’t soon forget.” He walked over to her and picked her up, because he did not intend on leaning down to kiss her. Jean was only 5’5, and Greg was about 6’4.

“I don’t know if I can do this.” Jean nervously replied. Greg kissed her deeply. “I can so do this.” Jean smiled.

“Just stand here on the bed. Okay?” Greg replied. He placed her on the bed where she stood. Greg walked over to his closet, opened it to reveal a stereo. He turned it on. Dancing music was playing. Greg walked over to a rocking chair and sat down. “Dance for me. Strip down for me.” Jean smiled, then start to dance in rhyme with the music. First she removed her white T-shirt to reveal a white bra, then she unbuttoned her shorts and let them fall. She stepped out them and kicked them to the ground. Greg sat rubbing the crotch of his shorts as he watched. Jean then unhooked her bra, revealing her 34Bs, and threw the bra to Greg. He caught it and shoved it down his pants. Then Jean jumped off the bed to the floor, she slowly removed her panties. When they were finally removed she swung them in the air and threw them to Greg. He smelled them, and when he noticed the cum on them, he rubbed them on his chest, then threw them to the ground. Jean got on the ground and crawled over to Greg. When she got to him, she licked up his leg and when she got to his shorts, he stopped her. “Lay down.” Greg commanded. Jean laid down as told. “Open your legs to me.” Jean opened her legs wide for him. Greg admired her wet pink virgin pussy. He closed her legs, picked her up, and laid her on the bed. “I have a very big cock. I’m not sure you can handle it.”

“Oh please Greg please. I have wanted you so long.” Greg smiled.

“Okay dear, but let me get you ready first.” Greg kissed down Jean’s body. Then he positioned his face right between her legs. At first he gently blew into her pussy, Greg moved in close and as soon as his tongue touch her opening, she came. “My dear, you are already squirting. Taste yourself.” Greg lick a bunch up and french kissed Jean. “Don’t you taste wonderful.” Jean smiled. She was excited and completely turned on, but wanted to see his cock so badly. He still had his board shorts on. Greg went back down and ate Jean out. Jean was moaning and pushed Greg’s face deeper into her. He got her to cum two more times. He ate her all up, enjoying it all.

To Be Continued…

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