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Astronomy Club Part III

“The time has come my dear. I know you have been wanting this for a long time. It used to drive me crazy during class, when you would stare at my crotch the whole class. I wanted to give you what you wanted so badly. Are you ready, sweetheart?”

“Oh yes!” Jean exclaimed. Greg got off of the bed and started to unzip his pants. Jean sat up in anticipation. Just as he was about to pull it out, he stopped and smiled at Jean. “Lay down. I want to show you in a special way, and close your eyes.” Jean laid down and closed her eyes. All of a sudden she felt the Greg’s cock and pre-cum run up her body. She kept her eyes close, because she didn’t want to annoy Greg in anyway. Suddenly Jean felt it flop onto her face. She stuck her tongue out trying to catch it, but as soon as she tried Greg would raise it. “Open your eyes my dear. Look at the great cock that has being a distance fanasty to you for years. Jean slowly opened her eyes, and there it was. All eight inches of it right above her face. It was more beautiful then she had ever dreamed. It was cut with a mushroom top and three inches wide. Greg lowered it to her mouth, Jean opened her mouth wide. Jean took it slowly inch by inch into her mouth. Greg smiled as she took it in. As soon as she started to gag, Greg pulled out a little. He start to pump slowly in and out, fucking her face. She loved every minute of it. Then he stopped, he pulled out of her mouth.

“Jean, this might hurt a little at first, but no worries. I will be as gentle as possible.” Greg spread Jean’s legs apart, and slowly pushing the tip of his cock into her sweet wet virgin pussy. Then he slowly inch by inch pushed the rest of his cock in, as he popped her cherry, Jean screamed out in pain. “Are you okay, my love?” Greg questioned.

“Yes. Keep going please.” Jean smiled. Greg smiled back at her, then leaning in and frenched kissed her. He start to pump her faster and harder and deeper. Each time Jean would moan louder and breath heavier. Soon she was screaming his name. “Greggggg! I belong to you forever! Everything I am and own belongs to you! I am yours!”

“Yes! Baby! Yes!” Greg shouted. Jean’s body started to shake, and she pulled Greg close. As she organismed, she shouted, “Greg, you’re a God! I love youuuuuu!” Greg still pounded her, harder and harder. Finally he pulled out of her and shot his load all over her. He fell beside her and kissed her. Jean sucked him dry, then he clean her all up. Finally they just lay holding each other close.

“I better call my folks, and tell them I won’t be home tonight.” Jean replied.

Greg smiled and replied, “Won’t be home for the rest of the weekend.”

The two kissed. Jean made the phone call. That night they fell asleep peacefully together. The rest of the weekend a whole another story. ;o)


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