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Comforting Friends

It all started one day in my High School. I have been friends with this girl since 3rd grade. I always talked and acted only as a friend, but never thought of being more. One afternoon she started crying and came to me with problems. It seemed that her boyfriend had left her. I slowly put my arms around her and told her that it would be alright, and I added, “You could get any guy you wanted.” At the time I had no idea how much that affected her. Slowy a mischevious grin started to take shape on her soft, lucious lips. Still teary she whispered in my ear, “Can you please come over today, I could really use help in Math.” I told her I’d be glad to help her and went on with my day. Later that day after school I drove over to her house and knocked on the door. She came to the door in a pair of tight blue jeans and a tank top. She had blonde hair and blue eyes and a figure to kill. She told me that her parents would not be home untill tomorrow. We opened the books and I started to explain, but as I did I knew she wasn’t listening. She would smile and nod her head but she finally surprised me. “I have it now, I know this Math, First you add the beds, subtract the clothes, divide the legs, and multiply.” Before I could say anything our mouths touched. We began to kiss and slowly it became tongue. She stared at me and told me she had always felt this way, but was afraid to say anyting. “Will you please fuck me like my boyfriend never did, you know me so well, give it to me like I like it”. I stared at her and said,”I’ll do better”. I slipped her tank top off and her nice firm tits were in my mouth. I started to lick down her chest and then I started to eat her nice pussy out. I shoved my tongue into her tight twat as fast and hard as it would go. She leaned back and moaned in pleasure, while I rubbed her tits. I then laid my hard stomach on her and shoved my 9inch dick into her pussy. Her pussy was tight and seemed to stretch every time I pounded her. She grabbed my back and started to hardly pull me harder and harder. She kept screaming and yelling while tears came into her eyes. She ran her hands down to my ass and started yelling, “No please fuck me, fuck me harder, it hurts but I want it more.” I grabed her and laid her on top of me with my hands on her waist. She violently thrusted herself on me harder and faster. I started to lean up, but she pushed me down and said, “God yes, give it to me Skyler”. We were pulling and slamming against each other so hard I could hear her warm pussy stretch and tear. I finally hit her one last time and Shot my warm cum into her. She stopped and laid down on me moaning. My limp dick still taking up space in her pussy. I looked at her and stated, “We have one big problem now, the janitors closet”. We laughed and then I left very happy that night. Needless to say she got passing grades in Math.

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