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The new girl in school

At Wakeman High School for girls they only wanted the best accademic girls. You needed to get a 4.000 in 3 semesters to get in. U’ve worked there for at least 3 years, even though u where only 24.For the first time since u’ve worked there a pretty girl walked in. She had blond hair and a D cup bra.As she walked into her class with the uniform,white blouse and a plaid skirt, her breasts bounced heavily to the rhythm of her walking. She bent over to pick up her pencil and you saw her beautiful, tender, 16 year old ass. Your cock all of a sudden got rock hard. This was your first sight of her.
This was your first sighting of her. After a few months her grades starting slipping. You decided this needed to be fixed. You asked her to stay after class with you for a talk. You explained to her that at the rate she was going she was getting a D in your class. She began for lean over in her chair which let you see the top of her breasts. Your cock became rock hard as you tried to get it down. She them began to whimper and you jumped up and tried to calm her down….she them started to cry and she kept saying pleez don’t do this. She then said “there needs to be something that will get you to give me an A!” You said” there is one thing”. She said”i’ll do it…what ever you say.” You began to rub her shoulder and she looked at you with her soft brown eyes witha bit of confusion. As she began to catch on she leaned toward you and kissed you with wet lips…She gently stuck her tongue into ur mouth. She leaned over and sarted shoving her still covered breasts into you face as she nibbled on your left ear.She moaned softly in ur ear and the felt your rock hard cock brushing on her leg. She got off the chair slowy and you closed your eyes. You heard a zip and felt soflt lips just barley touching the glan of your cock. Her whole mouth enclosed your thick cock and she mover up and down until she felt a gush in her mouth. you groand and you took off her skirt and made cirles around her clit and juices began to emerge and you laped them up. U stuck your tounge down her pussy and she moaned even louder and more juices splatted. You whent up her body and took off her silky blouse. You stuck your hand down her bra and she snapped it off. You sucked and nibbled on her breasts until the turned firm. She ended up sitting on your lap with you cock in her young ass and you said. “that just earned you an A for the year”

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