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Freshman Year in New School

I am a man that is now getting up in age 38 and have just went to my 20th year class reunion and being there reminded of when I frist started school at that small town school. Here’s my story:

I moved into town with my family we moved from one state to the next dad got a new job with a majior aircraft company and we had to move I was in my freshmen year (9th grade) when we moved and if you have moved to a new school you know what I am talking about when you have to try to make new friends.
Well anyway she was my freshman english teacher she the best looking teacher I had seen in years she was 5’5″ no more then 120 pounds and no older then 26 or so with a great figure long black hair and a smile that is enbeded in my mind for ever we she moved me to the front of the class couse i was haveing trouble with english and she wanted me up front to keep an eye on me well I keep an eye on her to she like to ware lose fitting close she would bend over my desk and her blouse would open up I really dont think anyone else could see but me and what a view she gave me nice firm wounderful breast sometimes she wouldnt even ware a bra they was great breast.
well i was failing her class and she told me to come in after football pratices and she would help me out to get my grade up (thats not all she got up ) well i went to her for a about a mouth or so when it happened I had her that morning for class boy did she look hot she had on a short tight dress that outlined her great figure to the tee I could tell she had on a bra that day from the outline in her dress she made it hard to think about class when she keep sitting on her desk and putting her feet on my desk that sat right in front of her desk with her knees together and feet together on my desk i couldn’t take my eyes off them I would catch her opening them from time to time and not really seeing anything but in my mind i could see it all. When class was over she told me not to be late to our toturing that night. Just as soon as football pratcies was over I hurryed thought the shower and to her class room running through the hall way thinking to myself I hope I get to see more today (well I did) when I got to her room and walked in she had a chair right by her desk she told me to sit there and not at my desk I sat there and she leaned over me and opened the book where she wanted me to read as she leaned in I could smell her she smelt great better then in class that day she sat back down moving her chair closer to mine our legs was touching being a teenage boy I got a instent hard on she looked at me and smiled at me she told me dont worrie its ok like she knew what was going on she reached over and placed her hand on my thigh and griped it lightly as I turned and looked at her she had a smile on her face as her hand moved up my leg slowly I didnt say a word to her as I felt her hand all the way up to my croch as she let a finger wiggle on my hard dick as her finger worked it way up and down my shaft I took my clue and placed my hand on her thigh just under her hem of her dress and moving my hand up her leg as my hand found that she wasn’t wearing any panties I moved my finger over her clit the same as she was doing my dick through my jeans I could tell her clit was not to hairy she just had a patch of hair at the top of her clit it felt so nice I noticed that I now could see her nipples poking out of her dress and relized that she wasn’t wareing the bra she had on early by this time she had moved her hand and cuped my crouch taking me into her hand I leanded in for a kiss but was stoped she said I shouldn’t try that but she wanted to see what was so hard in her hand she then reached over and unbutton and unziped my jeans reaching into my shorts she found the hole in them and pulled me out exposing me to her she wraped her hand around me squzzing me gently in her hand as she started to pump her hand up and down my shaft slowly she reached down to my hand and helped me out with her rubbing her clit not to hard but just right with her as she keep pumping my dick with her hand as she took my middle finger and slid it into her clit I started wiggling it inside her as she grab my dick harder as started pumping it faster and faster it felt so good to me I could tell she liked it to she was moaning softly I felt her jerk and throw her legs together almost crushing my hand between her legs she let go of my hard dick as she got up and moved over to me lifting her dress up giving me a great view of her sweet round ass as she lowed herself down on my lap she reached in between her legs grabing my dick holding it straight up as she slid her self over me she felt so wet and hot inside her hole as she started bouncing up and down on my hard shaft I reached up and grab her tits feeling them through her dress I figured that I should feel them with out the dress i reached back around and unziped her dress and reached in and around to the front cuping her firm sweet breast cuping them with my hands as I could feel her bouncing on me she got faster and harder as I felt her jerk again then she told me to relax and take it in as she turned around facing me sliding my shaft back into her as she started bouncing once again on me she pulled her dress down so I could have her tits right in my face as she reached around and grabed my balls in her hand as she was bouncing as I exploded deep inside her she leaned down and kissed my cheek and told me thank you she needed that it had been awhile and she knew she could count on me to help her out and that not to tell anyone what happened and it just might happen again and she would teach me more then english if i wanted her to and boy did she more to come later

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