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Hard decision

Jenn was a college student in her third year of studies. She has always had to pay her own way through working long hours and studying hard to keep her B average to maintain her partial scholarship. The last two years she was living with some of her friends, but this year there was a rent increase and she did not have the money to stay. She now stays with a middle class to poor family of four with an extra room to rent. She did not like it their to much, but the rent was cheap. John was the father of the house hold and was in his 40’s with a beer belly and was very rude and obnoxious. John’s son was 17 and acted just like his dad and jenn did not like the way they looked at her, especially her 36d breasts that showed prominently even through her winter clothes, it really creeped her out. Janet and jane were the mother and daughter and were really quite and submissive. One day during christmas vacation Jenn realized that her grant check was late in the mail and the rent was due on friday. She called the scholarship offices and pleaded with them but they said there was a glich in the system and this time of year there was nothing they could do. jenn didn’t know what she was to do, all her friends were away on vacation and it was ten below outside she had no where to go if she were to get kicked out. She decided that her best option was to plead with John to give her an extension. Later that night she went home to talk with john. When she got there everyone was asleep except for john, he was in the basement drinking beer and watching T.V. I walked in and he looked at me and I said “can we talk.” He grumbled and turned around to face me and said gruffly “What.” “I need an extension on the rent until my check arrives.” He then looks up with a smile and says ” I can’t do it, I really need the money from that room every month.” Jenn pleads “I don’t have any place to go, please” John simply says “sorry” and walks past me. Jenn follows him to the room pleading with him every step. He starts to take things out of Jenn’s closet and put them on the bed, “I guess you will just have leave.” Jenn says “Pleeease! It’s cold I’ll do anything.” John looks her up and down and says ” maybe an arrangement can be reached.” “Anything” says Jenn, John says ” so your prepared to do anything to stay?” “Ye…” Jenn then starts to realize what he means. “Wha..what do you mean.””What about your wife!” John says with a grin “My wife won’t or can’t do some of the things I want to do.” “Like what” stammers jenn. “Well ever since you got here I have dreamed of fucking those big, beautiful tits, and you’ve seen my wife’s non-existent tits.” Jenn was shocked and said “no, I can’t do that.” “Well than you better get to leaving” said John.”No wait” said Jenn. “Now thats more like it” said John as he cleared the bed and sat down, “Now take off that sweater so I can finally get a look at those tits.” Jenn hesitated and the slowly shut the door for lack of a better option. “Hurry up” said john, Jenn then slowly lifted of her sweater and then unsnapped her bra exposing her tits. “I new they were gonna be nice, but damn” said john. Jenn felt uneasy as John looked hungrily at her body. “Come over here so I can get a closer look” Jenn stood in front of him and he reached up and roughly squeezed and massaged her huge breasts. She then realized he was not the most gentle man. “sit down” he said as he quickly pulled down his pants to expose his smallish cock which was barely visible uder his beer gut. He grabbed her hair and thrust her head into his crotch and said “suck my pecker while I squeeze your tits.” As he fucked her mouth, Jenns nose was buried deep in his thick pubic hair and the odor disgusted her. he then held her head down as he drained his balls down her throat. When he let her up she was half choking and had his jizz dripping down her chin. “Are you done now” jenn said sobbingly ” Oh that was only half the rent” John said laughingly.” He took the rest of his clothes off and told jenn to lie back. He immediatly strattled her chest and put his full weight on her which she could hardly bare. John said ” now hold them titty’s together” and he immediatly began to thrust his tiny cock in and out of her huge cleavage. Between thrusts John said “this is better than I imagined, my wife would never let me do this!” as he proceeded to blow his load all over her big tits and face. John then got up and walked over to the closet where he pulled out a hidden video camera which jenn had no clue about. “My son is goona love this tape!, oh yeah and consider this months rent paid” John said as he laughed and walked out. Jenn just layed there in bewilderment with johns cum all over her tits and face. THE END

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