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Telephone Love Part I

Telephone Love Part I

It has been a long time sine I’ve seen this girl. We first met in high school several years ago. For me it was love at first sight. I wanted to make love to her and I wanted her to be my girl then. She was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen, if you saw her you’d agree. As my luck would have it I was too shy to ask her out because I thought I wasn’t her type.

Years went by since I last spoke or even heard from her. One day, 10 years later I got an e-mail from her. Can you imaging the drums beating in my heart and how shocked I was? Y’see I became a member of several years ago and left my contact information for anyone hoping to find me. I swore on my left nut that she would. When I responded to her e-mail it so happened that she had the same feelings too. Ten years have passed and I was not the same shy guy anymore. At 198 lbs and 14 % body fat I am now a personal trainer and a strapping tower of pure freaking power. Know what I mean?

After a few conversations by e-mail we quickly got the formalities out of the way. By this time we were caught up with the past and moving full speed ahead with the present. We started having the most amazing phone sex anyone could ever dream of. Each time we talked for hours on end and each time I felt like I was actually there. This went on for months. As kinky as I thought I was, this woman turned me out and then some. Our sexual rendezvous’ seemed endless and every time we had sex over the phone was better than the last. She described herself as a woman who likes to take charge in bed and as a woman who likes to really fuck her man anywhere or anytime she feels like it. Her clit was said to be as big as my dick when she gets turned on. Let me tell you my friends I love to eat pussy. It is my favorite past time. I love nothing better than to suck a woman’s clit untill she screams with ecstacy. This woman is a screamer. Everytime she screams out loud I imagine sucking her red hot clit till she brings herself to the most mind blowing multiple orgasms. I loved every minute of it. She loves to play with herself as I talk her into another of her multiple orgasms.

One night I was introduced to her friend “the oscillator”. Since then there has never been a night when this monster was not involved in our love making sessions. I did not mind because I loved it. I love having toys in bed. I too have a vibrator that I use for a little anal stimulation and then some. She loves it when we talk nasty and dirty to each other. I love it when she screams with pleasure. Since we have found each other we have discovered the most sensual, sexual and explicit things about ourselves that we have never revealed to anyone. Not even my wife or her husband. The end……

Please cum back later for part II.

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