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The Urge to Splurge

High School was kind of shitty up until the hottest looking foreign exchange student came to our school. I was sitting in Spanish class trying to sleep when the teacher asked for our attention. “Class please welcome our new student from…” I just put my head back down thinking Christ another foreigner. When I was tapped in the shoulder by my friend I looked up to see the most gorgeous piece of living ass on the planet. I immediately got hard. Trying to focus until the bell rang I just couldn’t stop staring. I asked my friend if there were any parties Friday. He said a 7 kegger at his house. Glory to the Heavens if I could get her to that party somehow I would have reached salvation. When the bell rang, I gathered my balls, walked up to her, and introduced myself. “Hello, my name is Cassandra and I’m from Spain”. She was even hotter the closer I got. She had the nicest tan, long beautiful legs the perfect slim body with a face I just had to bust my nut on, and to top it off the perfect set of perky tits, and the finest tightest ass I knew I had to pork. I bullshitted with her for a while and walked her to her next class.

To make the next couple of days seem short I talked her into going to the party. I told her that it was just to meet new people and she didn’t have to drink. Anyway I picked her that night after she told her “family” that she was going to a movie. At the party she asked if we could to a room and talk a little more. Holy hell this would have been easier than I thought. We found a room, I guess it was my friend’s parent’s room, and sat down. I told her I loved her accent and how it was sexy and that it turned me on. She asked if anyone could hear through the door or anything and said no. She said, “okay you can cut the bullshit and we can fuck, I’m not dumb, you should have just told me you wanted to score”.

With that I immediately ran and locked the door and said “lets get it on baby”. She told me to sit down. “Back in my country there’s a game we play called the urge to splurge, if I can get you to cum by means of sucking your dick or letting you nail me up my cooter or put it in my ass then I get to go and show…” I said whatever lets do it. She said okay and told me to sit down and relax. As soon as I did she started to dance a little, danced over to me, and started teasing my cock. She played with it through my pants. Then she unbuttoned and unzipped them slowly with her mouth, with that my 11-inch dick fell out half limp soon to full hard. She said that she was going to suck me off so hard that I would mayonnaise all over her in another minute. She started to tease the head of my snake with her tongue licking the end of it getting it to stand as tall as the statue of liberty. Then came the sloppiest yet best deep throat I had ever received. When she slowed and let out my cock it was just hard and vascularly wet ready to plunge the pussy. She told me to stay down. She turned around and bent over and I could smell her wet snatch through her black skirt. She hiked it up and revealed her sopping wet quivering cooze ready for cock. She pulled her shirt off with ease showing her extraordinarily large tits. She started to rub them in my face and pulled away before I could feast upon them. Then she stripped the rest of her clothes off.

“FUCK ME!!!” she moaned. I took my hard dick and rubbed it up and down her slit and teased her a little and then into the beaver. The nicely shaved cooch felt so smooth and slick that I was on the verge of shooting a load so big I would drowned us out of the house. I push harder and harder my balls hitting her in a pendulum motion and her moaning for more more more. I told her I was going to pull out and she said come and show me the money. So I pulled out and was ready to give her the hot stuff when she took her clothes and took off. From just running in her high heels made my splurge all over the dresser which was full of jewelry.

With the image of the hottest hottie ass naked I had the best sexual experience of my life only regretting not giving her some tongue. “What the Fuck!?!?!?!!?!?!” I heard from behind me. Still dazed from the orgasm I turned around with my dick in my hand to see my friend with a group of people staring at me.


“Don’t bother man that’s the dirtiest thing you’ve ever done in my house, well except for that time when you took a dump on my living room floor and tried to tell me that it was a brown marker you dropped with the cap off, and now since I’m too shit faced to kick your ass, the cops are on the way and there… shit, I just called the cops… fuck me.. we have booze in the house and we are all intoxicated!” I just bolted for the door I got passed all the people to hear the doorbell and I opened the door thinking it was something else only to see my friends parents standing looking like they’d seen a ghost and….

(If this story is alright and anyone would like to read the end post some comments stating that)

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