The Tease

Richard was the best maths teacher the school had ever had, it wasn’t just the fact that he knew his subject inside out it was because he could teach it in an enjoyable way and make pupils understand the most difficult mathematical concepts.


A Marriage Agreement Part 12

Tom was sent back to his duties on the laundry as Cathy and Ellen remained seated on the sofa. Ellen told Cathy that anytime she wanted to leave Tom with her, it was fine. She may want to get away for a weekend or whatever. Cathy thanked her and repl

best friend of my

One afternoon I was just roaming at far end of our farm, which is a big one and there is a small lake, surrounded by big trees and bushes. It is my favorite place to go on hot days and have a little nude deep in the lake. After about half an hour I w


As I can remember it, it was the starting of early spring, and I was staying in my uncle’s flat during my vacation. My examinations are all over and I had plenty of time to pass on boringly, so I thought why not make a pleasant trip to my uncle. Al

A Marriage Agreement Part 11

Finally Cathy allowed Tom to lay by the bed and rest. His ass was still burning, so he opted to lay on his side rather than his back. He slept very little before feeling someone nudging him in the side. He looked up to see Cathy standing over him, ha

A Marriage Agreement Part 10

Cathy instructed Tom to go in the kitchen and find him something for dinner as she was going out to eat in a few minutes. If he was not hungry, she could get him started on some chores she added. Tom made his way to the refrigerator and found some ch

The Long Haul Flight

I am on a long distance flight to New Zealand and one of the air stewardesses has been giving me the eye all through the flight. We’ve been flying for about eleven hours and virtually all the other passengers are asleep but I need to go to the loo. I


When she finally looked at the door way she was surprised at what she saw. Who but her best friend Sarah was standing there with her hand half way up her cunt. With a half crooked smile on her face she walked towards the bed. Candy trying to be coy c

Self Portrait

Self Portrait

I stand nervous and shivering aware of the slight tremor of the sheer white Egyptian cotton gown which drapes my body. I can also see the fabric move with the beating of my heart. I wait for him to come, the anticipation

The Table

The Table

She is bending over a table kneading bread dressed in french cut panties and a loose, long white cotton t-shirt which doesn’t cover her bottom in her position. He stands watching the natural gentle rocking of her hips as her hands love

The Formal Spanking

A Formal Spanking

Victor ran to the front door to stop Synth before she could get into the bronze Jeep. “Hey, Synth, wait a minute,” he hollered just as she began to slide behind the wheel. She stood her expression puzzled. “I know you do