We are supposed to meet in the park, for our first date. You arrive, and find me feeding the park’s ducks and geese. We greet one another, and I hand you some bread to break up and toss to the ravenous birds. It is late spring, so there are several h

The Usual Weekend

It could have been any other weekend for all I cared. It was Saturday night. I was home alone. My husband was out with “the guys” doing their usual thing. He had invited me to go along but as usual I said no, trying to hint to him I wanted to go out

A Marriage Agreement Part 5

Once Tom had the lights turned off, he started the long walk upstairs. His wife was in the bathroom when he entered the room. He folded back the covers on the bed and lay down. When she entered from the master bath, Tom had expected her to be ready t

A Marriage Agreement Part 4

Tom reached his home and noticed the lights on downstairs. This was unusual as his wife was always in bed when he got home late. He walked in to find her reading a book on the sofa. What really caught his attention was her attire. She looked like a m

A Marriage Agreement Part 3

When Tom had completed his task, Ellen pulled his head into her crotch. “Smell”, she ordered. “Smell the scent you will learn to love”. Tom could smell her arousal through her shorts. He wanted to lick her, but dared not to try or ask.

After a fe

A Marriage Agreement Part 2

Tom arrived home to find his wife already in bed. He went about his usual routine so as not to arouse her suspicion. He slipped into bed not really knowing if she was asleep or not. She rolled over and ask how the meeting went. Boring was the first w

A Marriage Agreement Part 1

It started out as a foolish fling for Tom and his boss’s secretary. He figured they would get crazy one time and end it. He took her out to eat one evening, telling his wife it was a business meeting, and ended up back at her place.

He liked th

Our Story

The movement of one another’s bodies seems to play off the other as we danced to the rhythm of the music that night on the dance floor. Fueled by too many drinks, we danced slowly and with purpose… to turn each other on. Our hips gyrated in circle