She was standing by the door,tugging down her short school skirt.It had been two days since she got caught,she thought that she was safe,then today during class it happened,the dreaded pink slip,,,that tells you to go straight to the office do not pa

The New Roommate

Cassandra was excited… she finally got her transfer to Evergreen Hall. She was on the third floor… she would have a roommate. That was half the fun of college, right? She arrived with her belongings at nine, the time that Gina gave her. She sa


My husband and I had been married now for five years. We had done and shared every possible sexual act that a couple can. We had anal sex, fisting, bondage, golden showers, orgies, and public sex, everything that you can imagine. There was only one b

Free Rent Part 2

She motioned for me to kneel next to her, so I did. She put her hand on his cock and took my hand and put it on his balls. She told her husband to relax and enjoy his cigar while she gave the training session and not to interupt. his reply was to

My turn part III (the conclusion)

My Prince and I had settled comfortably in the bed. Laying there completely naked and safely wrapped in each others arms. My orgasm had taken every ounce of strength from me. My entire body fell limp next to him, and I felt as though he had completel

Free rent part 1

I was recently divorced and living with my brother at the time. I new I couldn’t stay there forever so I was looking through the paper for an apartment to rent. I was on a tight budget so my choices were limited. I came across an ad that read:

Movie Night

I had been spending the day with my friend at his house, being our lazy selves when I come home from the Marine Corps. I had been about to go home for a night of sitting around with the family when a girl I had been fucking for a couple of years cam

My Turn part II

There I was standing before him completely naked, blindfolded and full of every drop of his cum. He came over to me with a nice warm towel and began to wipe me off.

“What are you going to do to me now my lascivious prince?”

He replied, ” My de

My turn part I….

Something about this man excites me in ways I have never imagined possible. Perhaps it’s partly the polarity of our different backgrounds. There’s something very erotic to me about the way is silky white skin looks and feels against my more deep oliv

The Punishment

The Punishment
by AbbieNormal

We met in the office some years back. M. was an independent contractor and my boss’ company was the mainstay of his business at the time. He was tall (6’6″), very lean and well muscled, a young Mexican man, darkly

The New Master

The New Master
By AbbieNormal

If you’d have told me 5 years ago that I would be a submissive in a D/s relationship, I’d have laughed. Now, two years into such a relationship, the thought of how much I’d learned…about the lifestyle and m

Voyeuristic Sex on the Beach

You are walking on a long, deserted beach. It is a very warm and sunny day, and although you are wearing just a tight, skimpy swimsuit you are still feeling very hot. The golden sand of the beach seems to stretch for miles in either direction but the

Stripper Girl

Her voluptuous body rolled and rocked, her dark skin contrasting with her pink satin thong and low-cut, well-filled brassiere. She shook her hips back and forth, swinging them, enjoying her form performing to its extent. She held her chest out, sucke

A Second Chance Pt 1

The rain slashed through my headlights like miniature meteors streaking Earthward. The slap-tick of the wipers was mesmerizing. Only the gut-grinding fear of losing traction on this two-lane road in the eastern mountains of Tennessee kept me from sur

A Marriage agreement Part 9

Tom saw that it was almost five p.m. and time to wrap it up for the weekend. As he was putting things away and straitening up his desk, a couple of men came by to ask if he was going to the local bar on his way home. Tom caught himself before he answ

A Second Chance Pt 6


Shug and I spent the rest of Tuesday in that Best Western motel just two hours outside of St. Louis. We made love. We ordered in pizza. We made love again. We actually did venture out for dinner. It was fast food, and as fast as it was,

A Second Chance Pt 5

I booked us into a double at the Comfort Inn. Shug and I took our bags into the room. I’d just set mind down when he gathered me into his arms. He kissed me with a passion and warmth that set my head spinning.

In moments we were naked and lying in

A Second Chance Pt 4

Shug drove up that road for two hours before he stopped. I was furious with him.

Each time we’d pass a Shady Rest or other little family owned motel, I’d ask him, “How about here?”

Shug would look at it, grimace and say something like, “They pr

A Second Chance Pt 3

We cleaned up, dressed and packed our things. The rain had stopped but the day was overcast and a bit cool.

We drove to the office and settled up. I asked about the nearest restaurant and got directions. The nearest town was fifteen miles down the